Cool Nubia Wearable With Flexible Display Possibly Debuting At MWC 2019

nubia alpha smartphone watch concept from Social Nubia youtube

According to a new report from China, Nubia is preparing to launch a “wearable device with a flexible display” at MWC 2019. The source suggests that such a device will be “practical for day-to-day usage”, and they even suggest that it may start a new trend for wearables, though that’s a strong claim.

Now, in addition to this report, Nubia’s General Manager, Ni Fei, also said recently that the company “has different thinking”, commenting on flexible displays, while he also mentioned that Nubia exhibited a prototype of a wearable device at IFA 2018, a device named “α” or “Alpha”, if you will, hinting that something of the sort is coming soon. All of that suggests that the company is getting ready to launch a new wearable product with a flexible display.

Nubia allegedly said, back then, that the Nubia Alpha will be mass produced at some time, so this report may actually be related to that. There is still a chance that Nubia has changed the Nubia Alpha’s design, but by the looks of it, the device may make an appearance at MWC 2019, unless Nubia opted to create a completely new product somewhere along the way.


The Nubia Alpha was considered to be a concept device back in September last year, but it could become a reality at MWC 2019, just like Vivo’s APEX device did months after it was introduced as a concept phone.

The Nubia Alpha is actually quite an interesting device, as its display is quite long and a part of the device’s watch band is actually covered by that display as well, which allows you to get plenty of information on the display. The device has a microphone, a camera, and various other functionality that you can read more about here, even though Nubia did not reveal everything back in September, not at all.

The future is all about flexibility


A ton of smartphone manufacturers already announced that they’re planning to release their flexible smartphones, but we did not really hear much about wearables with flexible displays. Nubia may actually be the only company to introduce something like that at MWC 2019 because we really did not see any rumors or leaks suggesting that some other company will do something similar.

When smartphones are concerned, however, well, that’s a different story. Samsung is rumored to introduce its foldable smartphone prior to MWC 2019, on February 20, while Huawei may introduce its very own flexible device at MWC 2019. OPPO also hinted that it is working on such a phone, but it may launch after MWC 2019 wraps up, while Motorola, Xiaomi, LG, and HTC are also working on their own foldable smartphones which all sport flexible displays, of course.

LG’s foldable smartphone may make an appearance at MWC 2019 as well, as the company did hint that it is coming soon, but is quite secretive when it comes to that device, which is not all that surprising. So, all in all, it seems like we will see quite a few devices with flexible displays this year, even though most of them will be smartphones. Such displays do open up various opportunities for device manufacturers, so other OEMs may follow in Nubia’s footsteps and opt to release wearable devices sporting such technology, only time will tell.