Forget Subscriber Numbers, Netflix Scores First 'Best Picture' Oscar Nomination


If you thought Netflix couldn't cement its position as the leading streaming service any more than it already has, then think again, as Netflix was one of the big winners from this year's Oscar nominations and in no small part due to Roma.

Not only did Roma gain the most awards for the streaming service, but it also marked a notable first for the company considering one of the Oscar nominations the Alfonso Cuarón-directed movie picked up was for "Best Picture."

This marks the first time Netflix has ever been nominated in this category. The category many associate with being the most sought after award presented at the annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences event.


Although streaming services are a new attendee at major film and TV awards in general, Netflix is not totally new to the game as the streaming service has managed to pick up a few nominations over the past few years. So the fact that it was nominated again this year is not quite as surprising as it might have otherwise been.

However, with Netflix having now broken through to the Best Picture category, this marks a fairly major milestone for the company and the streaming market in general. If it can manage to secure the win then it will be a massive boon to Netflix and will further help to confirm how far less-traditional content providers have become in recent years.

Roma is not only the first film from Netflix to be nominated for Best Picture, but it is also the first picture to be nominated in this category without any box office figures attached. Unlike the other nominees, as well as the long list of Best Picture winners that have come through before, all of the movies in the Best Picture category have received varying degrees of theatrical release and acclaim.


Technically, Roma was available in select big screens, but this was not a theatrical release in general and Netflix has never provided any details on gross figures.

A win is still a long way away for Roma as it does face some stiff competition at this year's event with the other Best Picture nominations now confirmed as Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, A Star Is Born, and Vice.

Regardless of whether Roma does pick up the Best Picture gong, it won't be its only shot at Oscar glory as the black and white movie is also up for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay, Best Foreign Language Film, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Production Design, and Cinematography. Bringing its total to ten nominations, representing the streaming service most-nominated title.


It's also worth pointing out that although Netflix will steal the headlines for its Best Picture nomination it is not the only streaming service that will be in attendance. Hulu has been nominated in the "Documentary Feature" category for its Minding the Gap. Although even a win here for Hulu is unlikely to be that significant outside of Hulu's circle, seeing as Netflix won this award last year for its sports doping-focused Icarus documentary.

The winners of each Oscar award category will be announced during the 91st Academy Awards live event on February 24, 2019.