Motorola's Aluminum Lithium-Ion Batteries, From Recharging A Phone To Jump-Starting A Car – CES 2019

Motorola Modular Aluminum Lithium Ion batteries 1

Motorola has just unveiled its new Modular Power System, and will show it off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas which officially starts tomorrow. The company has announced a new line of battery products, which are officially being introduced by Schumacher Electric Company, actually. Schumacher is only Motorola’s licensee here, but the company is well-known for manufacturing various battery chargers and other power products. These new batteries are built with the company’s new patented Aluminum Lithium Ion Battery technology, which is supposed to improve conductivity and offer enhanced power in more extreme conditions, in other words, they’re supposed to be better than your regular Lithium-Ion batteries. The company claims that these batteries provide a 50-percent increase in performance when jump-starting a car, and perform up to 25-percent longer than your regular Lithium-Ion batteries. Yes, you read that right, jump-starting a car is an option here, though not all the products that the company announced can do that, so read on if you’re interested to know more.

Before we start talking about the products Motorola announced, it is worth noting that Aluminum Lithium Ion batteries do not catch fire, do not smoke, and do not explode, this is actually something that the company officially stated via Chris Kubic, a Global Marketing Manager of Motorola Licensee Schumacher Electric Company. Mr. Kubik also said that Aluminum Lithium Ion batteries retain 85-percent of battery capacity even if the temperature drops to -58 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a point where most batteries will basically die. Aluminum Lithium Battery technology can hold a charge for up to three months, according to the company. That being said, let’s talk more about the products, in other words, modules which are a part of the Motorola MOdular Battery System, as that is what the company refers to them.

Motorola Modular Battery System Modules

The first module that we’ll mention is the AC Power Inverter Module (model MT113), which is a 100W inverter, and it can charge your laptop and other electronics that you carry around with you, as it offers a standard AC power output, USB, and USB Type-C connectivity. The price point for this module is $69.99. The LED Lantern Light Module (model MT153), provides bright 500 lumen lighting, the adjustable intensity is included, and you can also get 360-degree lighting with this module, with a magnetic base and spring-hook carabiner clip. This module comes with the same price tag as the previous one, $69.99. The LED Torch Light Module (model MT071), comes with CREE 500 lumen LED lighting, and the same price tag as the previous two modules. The Jump Starter Module (models MT129 and MT130), is the module you’ll need if you plan on jump-starting your car at some point. This module comes in two variants, as already mentioned, one variant comes with 4-cell Aluminum Lithium Ion 8,000mAH battery, which is rated for 500A Crank Amps, and 1,000A Peak Amps to jump-start a car up to 25 times. The second variant is a 12,000mAh Aluminum Lithium Ion battery rated for 750A Crank Amps, and 1,500A Peak Amps, and can jump-start a car up to 30 times. The suggested price tags for these two modules are $139.99, and $159.99, respectively. The Digital Air Compressor Module (model MT080), comes with 140 PSI, and can top of your tire pressure in one minute. It includes a flexible air hose, and an LCD display, and LED area light. This module is priced at $69.99.


Schumacher Portable Power Generator

We’ve talked about five Motorola modules, but Schumacher is actually displaying its Portable Power Generator (model SL1404) at CES as well, which is its very own product. This is a backup power system that can supply your house with power, and be an alternative to a regular generator. The company says that there are no fumes or fuel that you need to worry about here, and it’s safe for indoor use. This power generator can run for 11 hours, and power various appliances in your home, including your TV, table lamp, computer, and so on. This power generator is built with Advanced Lithium Ion-powered battery cells, and it comes with two 110V AC outlets and three USB outlets. This generator can power your laptop for more than four days, while it can power your refrigerator for about 24 hours, for example. If it’s your smartphone that you’re worried about, this power generator can recharge it nearly 70 times, or it can recharge your regular laptop for about 17 times. This power generator is priced at $1,299. That is more or less it everything, and if you’re in need of some battery items, Motorola’s new Aluminum Lithium Ion batteries sure are interesting, and they seem to be a step up from your regular Lithium-Ion batteries in pretty much every way. We’ll see where this technology goes moving forward.