mophie Powerstation PD XL Review: Fast-Charge Everything!


 With USB-C PD included, the Powerstation PD XL can literally fast-charge anything – from a smartphone to a laptop. 

mophie has made a name for itself by creating battery cases and battery packs with a premium price. The Powerstation PD XL is no different. This is a 10,050mAh capacity battery pack that has a $79.95 price tag. However, it might actually be worth that price tag, and we'll explain why in a minute.

The purpose of the Powerstation PD XL is to provide a rather small and lightweight battery pack that you can carry around to keep your phone, laptop and any other gadgets powered up. But how well does it do that, exactly? Actually pretty well. And with USB-C PD included, it's actually a really good option for a lot of people.


USB-C Power Delivery is safer fast charging

The main reason why the Powerstation PD XL is so expensive, compared to its capacity, is the fact that it has USB-C PD or USB-C Power Delivery included. This is a safer version of fast charging, however it was originally meant for charging larger electronics over USB-C, like a laptop or a gaming console like the Nintendo Switch. Companies are now switching over to USB-C PD for fast charging, since it can output more juice without damaging anything.


With USB-C PD, it also means that the single USB-C port on this battery pack does input and output. Allowing you to bring just one cable with you while you're on the go, a USB-C to USB-C cable. And to say that is convenient, is an understatement. But that is also a bit inconvenient, since you still need to bring a cable. It would have been nice for mophie to include a built-in USB-C cable in this battery pack, like it has done with some of the Lightning Cable versions. But, it's still just one cable that you need to take with you.

Compact & Lightweight


Usually USB-C PD is only available in larger capacity battery packs, usually something around 20,000mAh or higher. That is because most people use it to charge their MacBook Pro or another laptop that uses USB-C for charging. And obviously a 10,050mAh capacity battery can't really recharge it completely. But it can recharge a smartphone pretty fast, and for a few cycles as well.

With the 10,050mAh capacity, you can recharge your smartphone about three times or so on a single charge, which is pretty good for a battery pack of this size. It's pretty small and lightweight. Part of the reason for that is because it is made of plastic. So it drops some of the weight that an aluminum battery pack might sport.


mophie has also included a set of four LED lights on the side, along with a button. The four LED lights indicate how much juice is left, while the button is used for turning the battery pack on and off. Typically that wouldn't matter on a portable charger, but since this USB-C port does both input and output, it does matter here.

Wrap Up


The mophie Powerstation PD XL does have a rather high price of around $79.95, but the USB-C PD technology is still new, so most USB-C PD chargers are pretty pricey. So while mophie is known for their expensive battery packs, this isn't too bad, and honestly, it is worth picking up. The Powerstation PD XL is a great option for those that want to fast charge their smartphones, safely. It is also great for giving your laptop or Nintendo Switch a bit more juice while you're on the go.

mophie sells the Powerstation PD XL on their website, only (at least for now). As mentioned it is $79.95 – there is a smaller model with 6700mAh capacity, but that's really not worth buying. You can buy it from mophie's website down below.

mophie Powerstation PD XL - - $79.95

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