Get Ready For The Big Game With LG's SJ8 Sound Bar & Wireless Subwoofer For $265 From Woot


Woot is currently selling the LG SJ8 4.1-channel sound bar which includes the wireless subwoofer for just $265. That is down from $469, and it is not a refurbished model, but rather a new one.

The LG SJ8 is one of the more high-end sound bars from the company. It does have High-Resolution audio support, but unfortunately there is no Dolby Atmos or Dolby Audio support here. If you were looking for either feature, those are generally found LG's slightly more expensive sound bars.

This sound bar does support Google Cast however, allowing you to cast your favorite music from your smartphone or laptop to the sound bar. Allowing you to use it for more than just a speaker for your TV, but also for playing music during get-togethers and such.


LG purposefully made this sound bar thin, so that it would work well with the other TVs on the market, including its B8 and C8 OLED TVs that are available. Though, despite it being somewhat small, the sound coming out of it is not small. And part of that is due to the wireless subwoofer that is also included here.

You can pick up the LG SJ8 sound bar and wireless subwoofer from Woot using the link below.

LG SJ8 Sound bar & Wireless Subwoofer - Woot - $265