Here's The LG G8 ThinQ: A Phone You Probably Won't Want To Buy

LG G8 ThinQ Leak 01 1

Consumers should not be expecting much change when it comes to the LG G8 ThinQ. That’s based on the latest LG G8 render to surface online.

Generally speaking, the image points to a design that’s overall very similar to the LG G7 ThinQ, including what is presumed to be the use of glass on the front and back.

The most notable difference would seem to be in relation to the notch on the front. It is not quite clear what is on offer here as it could be a single front-facing camera along with some additional sensors, a dual camera setup with a depth sensor, or something else entirely.


If the dual camera setup is in effect then that will see the G line following in the footsteps of the company’s V40 ThinQ from 2018. As that also sported a dual front camera array, albeit arranged slightly differently.

Speaking of the LG V40 ThinQ, those who are in the market for a smartphone with an emphasis on cameras, it would seem those potential buyers will be better off opting for the V40 ThinQ over the new G8.

As unlike the V40 ThinQ which sports three cameras on the back, the G8 in this render shows a dual rear camera setup – again like last year’s G7 offering. Although to be fair, this camera duo is horizontally aligned instead of vertically. So that’s new.


Other aspects to note include what seems to be a rear-positioned fingerprint sensor. While that in itself is another aspect that seems to have been directly ported over from the G7, it’s worth the extra attention as it would seem that in spite of other manufacturers trying to implement under-display solutions this year, LG is not – at least not with the G8.

There’s an interesting subplot here which does need to be picked up on. This image looks suspiciously similar to recent CAD renders and a 360-degree video that surfaced online. While that in itself is not unusual as one would expect leaks to match up, the problem is LG’s head of global communications, Ken Hong, very publicly and repeatedly condemned those images on Twitter. Suggesting they are not representative of the G8 at all.

If this latest leak is genuine, those previous renders were very much correct.


Besides the points showcased by the design, this latest leak does not provide any additional information on the G8, including shedding any new light on the specs, or the likely pricing of the phone.

One aspect which seems likely LG is planning to capitalize on is the use of sound as a selling point. As it had previously been suggested LG will utilize ‘Sound on Display’ technology which looks to use the screen as a means to produce sound. That might help to explain why there doesn’t seem to be an earpiece included in the notch in this latest image.

Another very recent leak suggested the G8 might come with an accessory that adds a second display, although there’s no guarantee that will launch with the G8 specifically, or whether it will be launched as a feature on a different 2019 LG phone. At the moment, either option seems equally likely to be true.


Regardless of whether the LG G8 comes with either or both of these features, it remains to be seen whether the version of the phone shown off here will be enough to help the device stand out in 2019, i.e. succeed where its predecessor failed last year.

The LG G8 is expected to be announced at MWC 2018 in a few weeks.