All You Need To Know About Hisense's New Android TV, Roku-Powered TVs – CES 2019

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Hisense has now confirmed a variety of TV sets that will populate its 2019 portfolio. The announcement was made to coincide with CES 2019 and demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to both the Android TV and Roku platforms.

Hisense has confirmed pricing, while also explaining these TVs will become available in the US at varying points throughout the year.

New Android TV-powered sets on the way


Topping the line of new Android TV-powered TVs from Hisense in 2019 is the company’s U9F model. This 4K TV utilizes ULED technology and provides a 75-inch UHD Quantum Dot Display which supports a peak brightness of 2,200 nits. The U9F’s Android TV interface is based on Android 8.0 (Oreo) and therefore also comes with Google Assistant and voice support. Additional features include Dolby Vision And HDR10 support, while audio improvements come courtesy of Harman/Kardon.

The Hisense U9F is due to become available in June and is expected to retail for $3,499.99 in the US.

Supporting the leading U9F model is the the latest additions to the company’s H-branded lines, the H9F and H8F – following on from the company’s 2018 H9E and H8E models, respectively. These are fairly similar overall although the H9F model is the more premium of the two due to an increased peak brightness (1000 vs 700 nits on the H8F) and the use of the same UHD Quantum Dot Display as the U9F, compared to the standard ULED display technology that’s included with the H8F.


Both models are 4K TVs, feature Android Oreo, Google Assistant support (the H8F will actually also come with Amazon Alexa support as well), Dolby Vision and HDR10 support. In addition to improved audio. Both models are set to be released in different sizes, although the size ranges do differ slightly – the H8F will be available in 50, 55, and 65-inch sizes, while the H9F will only be advisable in 55 and 65-inch sizes.

Pricing for the Hisense H9F line begins at $699 for the 55-inch version and rises to $999.99 for the 65-inch model. Compared to the H8F line which starts at $399.99 for the 50-inch version and goes up to $749.99 for the 65-inch model.

Both the Hisense H9F and H8F lines are expected to become available in May.


For those looking for something a little more compact, the company is also set to release a new H5F model. This one will also feature Android TV (based on Oreo), although compared to the other models it will be more of a budget option as it lacks many of the same supports and sees the resolution dropping down to an FHD level, and the peak brightness down to 250 nits.

The new H5F will be available in either a 32, 40, or 43-inch size starting from May. The pricing for this line is much more affordable with the cheapest option coming in at $169.99 and the most expensive at $249.99.

Meet the new Hisense Roku TVs


In 2019, Hisense will launch a variety of new TVs powered by Roku OS, including new R7F and R6F models. Both of these lines are due to become available in a variety of sizes ranging from 43-inches up to 75-inches, and will be priced affordably for their size class. This also means that compared to the other TVs, they will lack some of the more advanced features, but they are 4K TV sets, HDR-compatible and do feature some tweaking for an improved user experience, such as a Game mode which will provide lower latency.

Buyers of these TVs will also be able to take advantage of all the benefits and features already available through Roku OS, including access to various apps, as well as some free content, and a voice supported remote control.

The 65-inch versions of both the Hisense Roku TV R7 and R6 models are now available to buy. The R7 model is priced at $699.99, while the R6 model comes in at $799.99.


The more premium Roku OS option will arrive as the R8F and this one will be available in either a 55 or 65-inch size. Both are once again 4K TVs, will offer a peak brightness of 700 nits and will represent the first time the company has provided Roku and ULED technology in the same product. Dolby Vision, Atmos, and HDR support are all also included, as is the option to control smart home products when coupled with a compatible Google Assistant-enabled device.

The Hisense Roku TV R8 does not currently have a confirmed launch date although it is expected to become available in 2019. When it does launch, the 55-inch version will be priced at $599.99 and the 65-inch version at $749.99.