Google Reminders Not Doing Its One Job, Reminding

Google Reminders have one job, and that is to remind you. Many believed that it was due to the latest security update, but it is happening with other smartphones that are running on older versions of Android. So it could be an update to the Google Play Services framework that has rendered reminders relatively useless.

This isn't really a new thing, for Reminders. Some users are noting that this has been an issue for them for several months. But it seems to have become a much more widespread issue in the last few weeks. Whereas before, it was a small handful of users. The fact that it is not working on non-Pixel smartphones as well, points to the fact that this might be an app update issue.

Some users have started reporting in the past hour or so that the reminders are working once again, as they should. Though this does not seem to be the case for everyone. So it's unclear if there has been an app update that fixed the issue, or if maybe this was a server-side fix for Google. Either way, hopefully it does start to fix itself for everyone that is having the issue right now.

Another fix that some are saying is working, is clearing the cache of the Google app in the settings. Sometimes clearing the cache works for things like this, and it is working for some users, but not everyone right now. So if you are still experiencing this issue, that is another way to try and fix it.

Google Reminders not working is pretty annoying, especially for those that rely on those notifications to come through, but this isn't new for Google. It represents a bigger issue for the search giant, and that is their quality assurance. It shows that Google is really not taking the time to test out its software and hardware in recent months. With many silly bugs appearing on both sides of things. These are things that you would think Google would fix before rolling out the update to everyone.

As mentioned though, this is not the first time that Google has done this. We've seen other various bugs in updates to different apps, and even with its hardware like the Google Pixel 3. When it launched, it had a ton of issues, and they were all issues that Google should have worked out before shipping. Like the RAM management issues. That should have been fixed long before the Pixel 3 started shipping. As it is such a simple thing for Google to find out is a problem and then fix it. Instead of taking several months to actually fix it.

The quality assurance is likely going to be Google's downfall, and that's not a good thing. People are starting to rely less and less on Google's products, because they might either get broken - like adding smart home products to Google Home a few weeks ago - or Google may just decide to kill them - like Inbox. It's something that Google needs to get a handle of, and soon.

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