Google Assistant Now Provides The Most Important Winter Weather Metric – Real Feel Temperature

Google Assistant Weather AM AH 1

Asking Google Assistant for the current weather is nothing new. In fact, it’s one of the most used commands for Google Assistant. But a new feature has started rolling out for the weather command. Google will now tell you real feel/wind chill temperature in your current area.

Being able to find out what it really feels like in your area is a big deal, particularly in winter. While it could be 31 Fahrenheit, it may actually feel much colder, around 21 Fahrenheit. So getting that wind chill is definitely important, especially for those that actually get a winter. Seeing as wind chills can sometimes make it feel about 10 degrees colder than it actually is. Especially with higher winds.

This will also work in hotter areas too, during the summer. If you’re in an area that gets a lot of humidity, then this can be useful. Say it’s 98 Fahrenheit, with 80-percent humidity. It’s not 98 degrees anymore, it’s likely over 100 degrees.


This seems to be rolling out right now, as we are unable to replicate it on our smartphones, but it does work on the Google Home Mini. Many users on Reddit are reporting that it is working on various Google Assistant devices. Some are also stating that this is happening sometimes, not all the time. Though, that could also be because there is no windchill on some days, and there is on other days.

Most importantly, this does not seem to be a US-only thing like many of the features that Google rolls out on various services. As there are many Canadians reporting that it is working, as well as those in the US. It’s unclear, however, if it is working outside of North America.

It’s the little things that matter


When it comes to the Google Assistant, getting little things like this added, is what matters. Instead of being told that it is one temperature and then you go outside and it’s actually much colder feeling. Google Assistant will tell you both the temperature and the real feel. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for those that live in the Northern part of the US, it is a big deal.

Google is always adding new features to the Assistant, as the goal here is to get everyone to use the Google Assistant for virtually everything. From telling you how the weather is, to catching up on the news, and even controlling your smart home products. The Google Assistant is here to do everything for you. And adding new features all the time is part of that.

Google catches up to third-party Weather apps


Third-party weather apps like AccuWeather, has been able to do this for quite some time. With users asking Google to ask AccuWeather for the weather, it was able to give the temperature, the feels like temperature and much more information.

That is a good thing for those that are looking for something more in-depth than the weather that is included in Google search. But it is good to see that it is now available for everyone. It’s a small feature, but one of many that are coming to the Google Assistant in the coming weeks and months. Making the Google Assistant infinitely more useful.