CHUWI Intros Windows 10 Aerobook Laptop Along With Possible Discounts



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CHUWI is planning to crowd-fund a new laptop, the device is called the CHUWI Aerobook, and it will surface on Indiegogo in February. The company has shared some info regarding this laptop, while it also said that it is "the most cost-effective bezel-less laptop". Read on, and if you end up being interested in this device, do keep in mind that you can save up 20-percent, which is something we'll talk about a bit later.

The CHUWI Aerobook is made out of metal, and based on the provided images, it will look quite sleek, while it will be quite thin as well. The CHUWI Aerobook's screen-to-body ratio is close to 80-percent, while its side bezels are only 5mm thick. It has a huge touchpad below the keyboard, and keyboard keys are well spaced out, with 3mm between them, not to mention that they're backlit.


The CHUWI Aerobook will weigh only 1.25kg, and its spec sheet will also be nothing to scoff at, as long as you're not expecting a high-end machine. The CHUWI Aerobook will be fueled by the Intel Core M3 processor, which is a 14nm dual-core processor, and the device will also include 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The CHUWI Aerobook will feature a 13.3-inch fullHD (1920 x 1080) display, while it will pack in a 38Wh battery. Windows 10 Home will come pre-installed on the device, we're looking at a 64-bit version of Windows here, of course. As far as ports are concerned, you can expect to get two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one 3.5mm audio port, one microSD port, and one micro HDMI D-type port.

The company claims that the CHUWI Aerobook's battery can handle about 8 hours of intensive usage, while it is also offering an early bird discount of 25-percent at the moment, though there's a catch. You can unlock this discount in addition to an $80 gift package. So, the company basically include an "energy bar" on its website, and once that energy bar reaches a certain point, those of you who registered will be able to access 10-percent or 25-percent discounts, and possibly an $80 gift package. You will need to register, and click the button to boost the energy bar. All in all, you can read more about all this via the link down below if you're interested in getting some discounts on this laptop.


CHUWI Aerobook promotion