CES 2019 Daily Recap: Google Assistant Everywhere, 5G Hype & More

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Today was the unofficial start to CES 2019 with the media day taking place. This is where companies announce everything that they will be showcasing at the event once the doors open tomorrow, Tuesday. So as you can expect, there are a number of big announcements that happened today. CES is still largely a TV-focused trade-show, but the smart home industry is trying to take a bit of the lime-light away from the TV industry.

Some of the bigger highlights today was seeing Google Assistant virtually everywhere, and by contrast, we saw very little news regarding Amazon Alexa. This is no surprise, considering Google has a pretty large booth at CES this week – and it has its own ride powered by the Google Assistant.

The other big thing we’re seeing at CES this week is 8K TVs. And while these are great to look at and consider, you won’t be able to buy one for some time. As companies are going to need to be able to mass-produce these before that can happen. One of the standout TVs announced today was LG’s rollable OLED TV which is now confirmed as going on sale later in the year.


Here’s (mostly) everything that happened during CES Day 0.


Amazon Alexa


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Google Assistant

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