C By GE's Latest Lights Simplifies Things, With Google Assistant Support & No Hub Needed

C By GE which is the company's smart light lineup, has announced a few new lights today - in fact, it has tripled its portfolio of lights which is rather impressive. But more importantly, these new color lights are "made-for-Google" which means that they not only work with the Google Assistant, but there is no hub needed and it also can be set up and controlled from a single app. That means you don't need to download another app to set these up, you can do it all through the Google Home app, and of course control it all with any of Google's smart speakers or smart displays that have the Assistant built-in - including the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Hub and more.

C By GE finally gets full color LED smart light bulbs

As mentioned already, part of today's announcements are the new full color LED smart light bulbs that C By GE has added to the made-for-Google program. These new bulbs are available in a few different models. There are the 60-watt equivalent A19 bulbs, along with a BR30 bulb, as well as the light strip. C By GE has also made a tunable white LED smart bulb, which is going to be a bit cheaper than the colored bulbs. These will all work with the Google Home app, so you don't need to download C By GE's app to get them set up. Which is something new, but definitely a nice thing to have. Not only has C By GE gotten rid of the hub, but it has also gotten rid of the need of using its own app, which might not be a good thing for C By GE, but it does make things a whole lot easier to get the smart home up and running.

Smart Switches join the C By GE Lineup

For years, C By GE was only doing light bulbs and some rather interesting lamps. But now it has added some smart switches to its lineup. These also do not need an additional hub, and work with the GE app. These smart switches can not only control your lights, but also be grouped together. So that all of the lights in a specific room can be controlled by a switch on the wall. Now, of course, with switches, you are going to want to leave them on all the time, so that you can actually control them with your voice or via the Google Home app. Otherwise, they will be useless, from a "smart" perspective.

These switches will be able to turn your lights on and off, and can also dim those lights - if you are using a dimmable light bulb, otherwise, it won't be able to dim them. You can also set timers and schedules for these lights, so you can have them set to turn on before you get home from work, so you aren't walking into a dark home. Which is also pretty nice to have here.

Let's not forget about smart plugs!

C By GE did not forget about the smart wall plugs either. It has a brand new one, which looks similar to Amazon's smart plug that it debuted last year. It's a pretty small one, allowing you to use both outlets on your wall, instead of having one covering up the other. By using a smart wall plug, you are going to be able to make virtually anything "smart". Whether that's a microwave, your entertainment center, or even an old lamp that you really like. Everything will be able to be controlled with the app, or even with your voice using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and yes the C By GE Smart Wall Plug does support both of those voice assistants.

There is also a new motion sensor being announced today, one that is battery-powered and you can mount on a wall in your home. This will turn on the lights when it detects motion, which can be very useful at night when you are heading to the bathroom and can't see anything. It is also useful to know when your kids are getting home late. This motion sensor will also work to turn off the lights if you accidentally left them on. As it will be able to see if there is anyone nearby and if not, turn off the lights. Saving you some cash on your electric bill.

Pricing & Availability

C By GE did not announce pricing or availability for any of the products announced today. However, they should be going on sale in the coming weeks. As mentioned, these all work with the made-for-Google program, which means all you need is the Google Home app and then a Google Home device to control them with your voice - though you can also do that from your phone. This means that you do not need any other apps to control these, which is a pretty cool thing, as it means you no longer need to install all these other apps, and it makes the whole process a whole lot easier.

Now if you are not looking to use the Google Assistant to control these, they will still work with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit when you use the C-Reach Hub, along with the new C by GE App. This does give the Google Assistant a major advantage over the other options out there, as you don't need to get the hub or even use GE's app. One of the major pain points with smart home products like C By GE's products, is the fact that it is pretty tough and confusing to get them set up. This is because you need to download the company's app so that you can set them up, then link it all to Amazon or Google - depending on the assistant you want to use - and then remember what you called those lights. This method is going to speed things up a bit, as there's only one app you need, and it is already downloaded.

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