Organize Your Budget & Save Money Using These Awesome Apps

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Saving money is important, well, for most of us, at least. If you’re one of those people that are having issues keeping parts of your paychecks intact, or your paychecks are simply not enough for your regular spending, keeping close track of your expenses is always a good idea. Well, luckily for you, there are a ton of application available in the Play Store that will help you do just that, some of them are free, some are not, but we have selected 10 of our favorite apps for money management, and all of them are compelling in their own ways. Truth be said, most of these apps are quite similar one to the other when it comes to functionality, though there are some differences, plus all of them offering different designs, so… take your pick.



Monefy is one of the best money managing applications out there, mainly because of its design and widget that comes with the app. As you can see in the provided image, there are a number of categories as part of this chart, and you can edit those categories to a degree. In order to add new categories and get far more options, though, you will need to purchase a “Pro” version of the app, though the free version works great as well. This design will give you a really good idea how much you’ve spent and on what.

Monefy (Play Store)



Wallet is yet another app that has a really nice design which will give you a good idea as to where your expenses went, all in one page. This app also supports automatic app updates, which is not something many apps on this list can say for themselves. You can also get access to various reports, and you can also share selected accounts, if you want. In-app purchases are a part of this app, but the app itself is free to use.

Waller (Play Store)



Mint is one of the more popular budgeting apps on Android, but this app is so much more than that. The design of this app is somewhat similar to Wallet’s design, while you can manage your bills, money in general, and whatever you want via this application. This app syncs with the web version of Mint’s application, so you can use it both on your desktop computer, and on your phone.


Mint (Play Store)



Albert is a rather odd name for a budget-managing application, but there you have it. This app offers you a personalized financial plan, essentially. This app also bundles in “smart notifications”, these push notifications will make sure to let you know what is happening with your money, including a tax refund, an incoming bill, and so on. Needless to say, you can easily check your budget, expenses, and everything connected to that with ease.

Albert (Play Store)

Money Lover


Money Lover is a rather appropriate name of an app like this, and this app is actually quite powerful in the money management department as well. Money Lover is an expense tracker and budget planner at the same time, while its UI and navigation are extremely simple. Financial reports are included here, and will give you a good idea s to what’s going on, and you can also get your automatic bank feed via this app. Those are only some of its features, as is the case with other apps on the list.

Money Lover (Play Store)


AZV Money Pro

AZV Money Pro is a budget planner and money tracker which allows you to create custom categories (accounts) if you want, while it supports over 200 currencies. You can set custom budgets, and access various charts to control your expenses. You can log your money placed in your bank account, wallet, or any other source… in case you’re keeping your money in a sock under the bed, or have a hidden chest in the backyard. All in all, this is quite a versatile application with plenty of features.

AZV Money Pro (Play Store)

Clarity Money

Clarity Money was actually featured as one of the “Best of 2017” apps in the Google Play Store, and even though I personally prefer some other means of tracking my budget, this app sure is compelling. Clarity Money uses data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances, and help you make smarter decisions moving forward, which makes it kind of unique. In addition to that, there are a ton of your regular budget-planning features included here.

Clarity Money (Play Store)


Spendee also offers you a chance of keeping track of your money either manually or via bank sync, which is available in the app. You can create special events for tracking money, while a number of currencies are available, much like in many other apps on this list. You can also create shared wallets if you’d like to manage money together with your friends or family, for one reason or the other.

Spendee (Play Store)


Thriv actually pays close attention to detail, it helps you micromanaged your expenses, so that you can get that new phone, or TV that you’ve always wanted. This app allows you to add “goals”, so if you want to buy that TV, for example. You can start saving money for a particular goal, once it’s set up, while at the same time keeping an eye on all of your other expenses. A widget is available via an in-app purchase, along with a ton of other features, but the app is free to use.

Thriv (Play Store)

Expense Manager – Tracker

Expense Manager – Tracker is not exactly a brilliant name for an app, from the branding side, but this app is quite powerful at what it does. This app has one of the best UI designs from all the apps on this list, and it offers you a chance to micromanage your expenses, in detail. Various expenses are shown in pictures, and you also have interactive charts to work with here. Quick main screen overview gives you a look at incomes, expenses, and account balance, while many more options are available in this app.

Expense Manager - Tracker