The Best Truly Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy – January 2019


The next big step for wireless headphones is to go truly wireless, and there is already a number of models that are actually pretty good and definitely worth buying. However, with virtually every headphone company jumping on the "truly wireless" bandwagon, which ones should you actually spend your money with? Well, that's what we are here to figure out.

First things first, let's explain "truly wireless" for a minute. Wireless headphones and earbuds┬áhave been a thing for quite a while now but the term "truly wireless" is about ditching the wire that goes from one earbud to another, so they essentially act as two separate headphones. This obviously causes problems with Bluetooth connectivity, though that has improved greatly in the past year. Truly wireless headphones also typically offer worse battery life – around four hours.

These are the best truly wireless headphones that are on the market right now. As in, the ones that you can actually buy at this very moment.


Sony WF-SP700N

One of the things you'll notice on this list is the fact that most earbuds have a pretty strange name, like it was chosen from Alphabet Soup. Sony's SP700N is no different here.


For most, the SP700N are the best truly wireless headphones on the market and it's not hard to see why. These are very comfortable headphones, even though they do hang out of your ear a bit, the ear hooks do a good job at keeping them in your ears.

Sony has also outfitted the SP700N with its Extra Bass technology. Giving you some rather impressive lows out of such a small earbud. Sony also has noise cancellation and ambient sound included. That makes these great for taking to the gym, as you can drown out the sound around you and get your workout done. Not to mention, these are also sweatproof.

When it comes to battery life, these are rated at around four hours of continuous playback. Though you can extend that by turning off noise cancellation. The included carrying case will get you about two to three full charges.


The Sony WF-SP700N are also some of the cheapest on this list at $79, and you can grab them from Amazon using the link below.

Sony WF-SP700N - Amazon - $79

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition)


Samsung recently got into the truly wireless earbuds game a few years ago, and its 2018 edition of the Gear IconX are still one of the best options out there. While Samsung may not boast the incredible sound quality that some of the other headphones on this list have, it does offer up some rather unique features and decent battery life.

Speaking of battery life, Samsung boasts about five hours of battery life here when streaming audio. If you are playing music that is stored on the headphones (there's 4GB of storage available), you can extend that to seven hours of continuous playback. The carrying case can charge it a few times before needing to fully recharge the Gear IconX.

Samsung has added Bixby support to the Gear IconX, so you can speak commands to Bixby and change your music, hear your text messages and much more. There is also a built-in coach that will help you power through your workout, which is also a pretty impressive feature. Finally, the Gear IconX are also sweatproof.


The Samsung Gear IconX were about $199 at launch, though you can usually find them cheaper. Currently they are $175 at Amazon, through the link below.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) - Amazon - $175

Bose SoundSport Free


For the Bose fans out there, the SoundSport Free is a pretty good option. Like most of the truly wireless headphones here, there are some complaints on the size of these earbuds and the battery life. The SoundSport Free are pretty large and do sometimes feel like they are going to fall out of your ears. But Bose did a good job at making sure that they won't actually fall out of your ears. So props to Bose there.

The SoundSport Free are rated at about five hours of continuous playback, though most people get around three to four hours. The included charging case does get you another 10 hours (two full recharges, roughly). Bose also made sure that these were great for taking to the gym, making them IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance.

Bose decided to prioritize sound quality over battery life on the SoundSport Free, so these actually are some of the best sounding truly wireless headphones out there. Even if they are pretty big and bulky. The mids and highs are crystal clear, with deep bass for the lows. Essentially, what you would expect from Bose.


The Bose SoundSport Free are priced at $199, and don't typically go on sale (so if you see them on sale, grab them!). You can get them from Amazon through the link below.

Bose SoundSport Free - Amazon - $199

Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are a bit different from some of the others on this list, in the fact that it has Alexa built-in. Allowing you to talk to Alexa through your earbuds, asking her for the weather, to change your music and much more. These are also "active" and made for working out and sweating. Making them great to take to the gym.

Jabra may not be a big name in the music industry like Bose or Sony, but its headphones do provide some rather impressive audio quality. The bass is pretty deep, without affecting the mids and highs. You definitely won't be disappointed by the audio coming out of the Jabra Elite Active 65t.

Like many of the others on this list, these provide around five hours of continuous playback, the charging case can give you 15 hours (basically three full recharges). Jabra also included an integrated motion sensor, so you can keep track of your workout.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are priced at $189 normally, though right now you can find them for $180 over at Amazon by hitting the link below.

Jabra Elite Active 65t - Amazon - $180

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

Anker's sub-division, Soundcore, has come out with a new pair of truly wireless earbuds. They do look a like Apple's AirPods, but that shouldn't be why you do or don't buy them. The reason why we are recommending these over the Liberty Lite is that those were first-generation truly wireless headphones, and these are newer with better tech inside.

Liberty Air does support Bluetooth 5, so it can be paired with multiple devices at the same time. It also provides a better connection versus Bluetooth 4 (which the majority on this list support). Battery life on the Liberty Air is about what you'd expect, around five hours of continuous playback. But the carrying case does give you around 20 hours – about four recharges. Which is more than the others on this list.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air are a great pair of truly wireless headphones that you can get for just $79.99 right now, in black or white, from Amazon using the link below.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air - Amazon - $79

RHA TrueConnect

This pair from RHA do also resemble Apple's AirPods, but do also have a bit of a unique design to them. These are heralded as one of the best pairs of truly wireless headphones available, according to audiophiles. If you are one that is particular about the sound from your headphones, then the RHA TrueConnect is the pair to pick up.

RHA offers around five hours of continuous playback on the TrueConnect, and like the Liberty Air, they also get around 20 hours of playback from the carrying case. These also support Bluetooth 5 so you're going to get a better connection out of these. And finally, these are rated at IPX4 for sweat and water resistance, so you don't have to worry about damaging these at the gym.

The RHA TrueConnect are priced at $169, making them one of the more expensive models on this list, but the sound quality alone is worth the price. You can get them from Amazon using the link below.

RHA TrueConnect - Amazon - $169

Wrap Up

These are not all of the truly wireless headphones on the market, but these are the best. We decided the best based on their sound quality, battery life and their price. There are truly wireless headphones that cost over $300, but they are not on this list. As we felt that they were not worthy enough for the "best" title.

All of the options on this list are great ones to pick up, some are cheaper than others, though they do range from about $80 to $200. Now if you are not in a hurry to get a pair of truly wireless headphones, we would also recommend checking out the Jaybird RUN XT. These are brand new (just announced this week), but won't be shipping until February. Which is why they are not on the list. They do come in at around $179, and offer a ton of great features.

Truly wireless headphones are not perfect, but they are pretty nice to have, as you no longer have to worry about the wires going from one ear to the other. Though if you aren't an earbuds kind of person, then these won't appeal to you anyways.