Best of CES 2019: Panasonic GZ2000 TV


Don't settle for less, the Panasonic GZ2000 TV has it all

Panasonic's new GZ2000 TV might not look all that much. If anything, its design is a little boring. But with this TV, the design is very much the least thing to pay attention to. As when it comes to the Panasonic GZ2000, it is the inside that matters.

Nowadays, when a person opts for a new TV they probably have done a little research before buying and are armed with a curated checklist of all the specs/features they want. Whatever your checklist consists of, you can almost be sure the GZ2000 checks all the boxes. That's its selling point, and what makes it a worthy winner of a 'Best of CES' award as the GZ2000 literally sports the 'best of' TV specs and features.


One of the big debates of late is the high dynamic range (HDR) debate. Should you opt for HDR10+ or should you buy the Dolby Vision dream? Both are premium HDR solutions and up until now TV makers have forced buyers to choose between one or the other. You are either team HDR10+ or team Dolby Vision.

This is probably the first main thing to note about the GZ2000 as with this TV, you no longer have to make the choice while wondering whether the one you back will become the default solution or get left behind in the future. The GZ2000 supports both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Makin it the first TV ever to support both advanced HDR solutions.

For added value, it also features HLG Photo support. So yes, HDR photos are on board as well.


A similar debate does often have to be had when it comes to third-party voice and AI assistant support. Do you go Amazon and opt for Alexa support, or do you do Google and get support for its Assistant solution. Again, with the GZ2000 this is a redundancy decision as the TV supports both and will work equally as well regardless of whether you hook it up to an Amazon Echo or a Google Home.

It's not just about the picture or the smarts either as the GZ2000 also looks to make sure the audio is just as good thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Atmos. Which brings us to the other first as this TV also features built-in upward-firing speakers. This might not sound all that much but the premise of Dolby Atmos is to provide a three-dimensional-like listening experience, and this having now been coupled with upward-firing speakers means that 3D sound also includes sounds from above. This is likely to be one of those hearing is believing aspects, but for now, just know that it matters. The sound will not only attack you from the sides and the front, but also from the sky. Making those cinematic scenes like when Bane crashes this plane all the better.

Just to add some name-dropping to the proceedings, the sound also comes with a Tuned by Technics badge attached.


All of this, is all before you get to the more basis premium selling points such as 4K and OLED. It seems too strange to refer them as basic considering they are premium features, but that's half the point. Most premium TVs now will be 4K and likely utilizing OLED or a technology that offers similar results. The difference with the Panasonic GZ2000 is those features are genuinely the basics. It's every other feature and acronym that you can think of that's included here that matters, and what makes this the most robust and future-proof solution on the market.

Panasonic declared its GZ2000 as the "world's Most Cinematic TV" and the company was not wrong. It is, and it's undoubtedly, and unashamedly, one of the 'best of CES 2019' products.

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