Best Of CES 2019: HONOR View 20

best of ces 2019 honor view 20 AH

The HONOR View 20 back dazzles, while its front is virtually all screen

HONOR is a company that typically comes to CES with some impressive smartphones, and 2019 was no different. The HONOR View 20 was actually announced a few weeks ago in China, but it made its international debut at CES this week. The HONOR View 20 is the follow up to the company’s very popular View 10 that released last year with flagship specs and a $500 price tag. The View 20 brings a few things to the table that we haven’t seen yet from the company, including the hole-punch display. Instead of having a notch, or a slider like the HONOR Magic 2, the View 20 has a tiny hole in the upper-left corner of the display where the camera resides. The rest of the front is all-screen.

HONOR is known for its well-built smartphones, that aren’t overpriced. Typically its flagships are about half the price of companies like Samsung, LG and Apple, with the same specs. Which is why the View 20 is getting a lot of attention. It’s a smartphone that is specced like a flagship, for a lower price. The View 20 is also a beautiful looking smartphone from HONOR. Though this is also what the company is known for. Not just putting on some pretty interesting colors, but also some impressive designs. HONOR likes to experiment with glass designs on their smartphones, and with the View 20, it actually forms a “V” pattern on the back, which you can only really see when the light hits it at the right angle. Allowing the HONOR View 20 to look absolutely incredible.


The HONOR View 20 is gaining a lot of attention and the reason for that is the simple fact that the smartphone is almost all screen. The trend in the smartphone industry lately has been getting to an all-screen smartphone, and the View 20 gets us one step closer. Companies still have to figure out what to do with the camera, and now we’ve seen a few different ways that companies are dealing with that front-facing camera. Giving us a notch – which also gives us room for the earpiece, proximity sensor and other sensors – or bringing back the slider where you can slide down the phone to reveal the camera, and now we are getting a hole in the display for the camera. None of these are perfect, but it does show us what an all-screen smartphone might look like, and it’s beautiful. The other main reason the HONOR View 20 is getting so much attention is, for something that HONOR has not yet announced. And that is pricing. The View 10 was priced incredibly low, so many are expecting the View 20 to be priced similarly, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see it with a slightly higher price.

There are many reasons why the HONOR View 20 is worthy of a Best Of CES 2019 award, from the display, to the design of the phone, to the camera. The View 20 is shaping up to be a pretty impressive smartphone. It’s not yet available in outside of China, but that is expected to change later this month, when it launches in more markets on January 22. HONOR has a recipe here for one of the best smartphones of 2019, and it’s only January.