AUKEY's Quick Charge 3.0 Battery Pack Will Keep You Charged Up On The Go, Now Just $18 At Amazon


AUKEY's popular Quick Charge 3.0-enabled battery pack is currently priced at $17.81 on Amazon.

This battery pack is actually listed at $26.99, however, if you use the promo code INBLHV46 at checkout, the price drops down to just $17.81. That makes this battery pack a really great pick up, especially for those that are always on the go.

AUKEY's battery pack has a capacity of 10,050mAh, so it's not huge but it will get you through the day and be able to recharge it a couple of times as well. There is a single USB-A port on this one, so you won't be able to share it with your friends unfortunately. AUKEY has a micro USB port available for charging the battery pack, and there are four LED lights that will depict how much battery is left inside this one.


With Quick Charge 3.0, you're going to be able to charge your phone quickly while on the go. Most smartphones do support Quick Charge 3.0, this includes the HTC U12+, LG G7 ThinQ, Moto Z3 and many more. It is also backwards compatible, so if you have the Samsung Galaxy Note9 which does not support Quick Charge 3.0, you can still use this, and it'll charge slightly slower – but still faster than conventional charging.

You can pick up the AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 battery pack from Amazon using the link below, and make sure to use that promo code too: INBLHV46.

AUKEY 10,050mAh QC3.0 Battery Pack - Amazon - $17.81