Plug In All The Things With AUKEY's Power Cube For Just $19 At Amazon


AUKEY's popular Power Cube is currently on sale at Amazon for just $18.99 when you use the code AUKEYK06 at checkout.

This coupon code drops the price further from the already discounted price of $25.99. All told, this is a $11 discount, for more than a third off of the regular price. That makes this a really great time to pick up this surge protector.

The AUKEY Power Cube is exactly what it sounds like. It's a surge protector that is shaped like a cube. The interesting thing about this being a cube is that you'll be able to plug things in without some plugs covering other outlets. Allowing you to really plug in everything without any issues.


There are four AC outlets on the Power Cube, with three USB outlets on the front. This would make great use on a desk, as you can plug in your laptop, maybe a monitor and a printer, as well as having a place to plug in your smartphone, tablet and/or smartwatch. All without needing to use another wall outlet. Which makes things cleaner and definitely better if you are running out of outlets already.

You can pick up the AUKEY Power Cube from Amazon through the link down below. Make sure to use the promo code AUKEYK06 at checkout.

AUKEY Power Cube - Amazon - $19