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Many of you have probably purchased at least one Android application thus far, though there are some of you who are still using only free applications, and that's just fine. That being said, there are apps that can help you not only save some money while purchasing applications (games included, of course) in the Play Store, but can also let you know when a paid app has become free, which usually happens for a limited period of time. You'd be surprised how often some rather popular paid apps are being heavily discounted, or even offered for free, so having such an app installed on your phone is always a good idea. Granted, there are not many such apps available in the Play Store, but those that we were able to dig out are actually quite compelling. That being said, you will be able to find three apps listed down below, along with short descriptions for them. Do keep in mind that all three of these apps are really good at what they do, and just because one of them is listed first, it doesn't mean it's better than the other two.



This application has been around for a long, long time ago, and many people recommend it when it comes to Android app and game discounts, and for a good reason. This application is on point when it comes to app discounts, it always reacts fast when discounts are in question, and there's plenty of content to choose from here. Employees of "ts-apps" have a manual review process in place which makes sure that the top deals are included in the applications, while the app also brings price history to the table, so that you have all the necessary information before you decide to pull the trigger. This app also comes with a built-in search function, so that you can find apps you may be interested in really fast, while the app can send notifications your way about new best deals on the Play Store. The app also comes with exclusive offers, voucher codes, and launch sales, not to mention that it has a "sync your watchlist" function, in case you're using it on more than one device. On top of everything, this app also comes with a really nice-looking design, inspired by Google's Material Design, so it's a joy to use in general. The app offers many more features that we did not mention, and it's one of the, if not the best app in its category, you can find out more by clicking the link down below.

AppSales (Play Store)



AppsFree is actually an app from the same developer as AppSales, ts-apps. This is essentially a newer version of AppSales (though it has a somewhat different functionality), a version of the app that comes with Material Design 2.0, which means it's based on Google's brand new design language. The functionality of this app is actually quite similar to AppSales, but this app includes only free apps, not apps that are discounted, but paid apps that are free for a limited period of time. This app is also rather fast to react to various discounts, as manual review process is in place here as well. The list of discounted applications is constantly being updated, while push notifications are enabled here as well, so you don't have to worry about missing a specific sale or anything of the sort. A "Keyword Filter" option is included in the app, and the same can be said for advanced filtering options, just so that you can focus on what you're interested in. A "Developer Blacklist" option is a part of the offering as well, in case you're not really interested in products from a specific developer or developers. This app also packs in both light and dark modes, so that you can choose the one that you prefer more, which is in line with Google design as well. Much like AppSales, this application is completely free to use, though ads are a part of the experience.

AppsFree (Play Store)



AppDeals is an app by a developer called "Indeed Software", and that is the only app by said developer that is available in the Play Store, at least at the moment. AppDeals is much less known than the first two applications that we've mentioned, but it's quite compelling as well, actually. This app combines red and white colors in its design, similar to AppSales, and it offers a really clean design as a result of it. This app, much like the first two, will show you apps that have been discounted, or which became free for a limited period of time. Deals in this app are being updated on a daily basis, while there are various filtering and sorting settings that you can play around with. This app does come with fewer options than the first two, but some of you may actually prefer that, to each its own. AppDeals app comes with ads, much like the first two, but other than that, it's also free to use.


AppDeals (Play Store)

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