You Don't Need To Buy A Samsung Galaxy Note9 To Game On Mobile


The Galaxy Note9 has many selling points although it has become clear one of the main marketing messages the company wants to get across is the gaming benefits. This is in spite of it remaining a little unclear as to why? Yes, the Galaxy Note9 has a great display. Yes, it has a processing combination good enough to facilitate the most intensive mobile games. Yes, it offers additional battery optimizations for longer-lasting gaming sessions. But other flagship smartphones also have these features, or at least comparable features that are good enough to offer a similar gaming experience. Which means there's actually little that's unique about the Galaxy Note9 that would make it a 'gamer phone.'

This has not stopped the company from marketing the device as a gaming phone, however. You simply just need to look at the various TV spots and ads that have surfaced recently which look to tightly associate the Galaxy Note9 with gaming culture. And that's probably where the real truth behind the Galaxy Note9 as a gamer phone comes in, as it's more likely that Samsung is keen to focus on the culture angle more than the gaming one. In other words, the Galaxy Note 9 is using this gaming message to appeal more to the younger and modern culture that's now associated with gaming. Samsung is after the buyer, not looking to provide the buyer with the type of phone the Galaxy Note9 message suggests.

Which raises the question if you are interested in mobile gaming, which device should you actually be looking at? Well, for a start you should probably be taking a closer look at the newer devices that are actually fully designed with gamers in mind. Ones that move well beyond the gaming marketing message, such as the ASUS ROG Phone, the Razer Phone 2 or the Xiaomi Black Shark. All of these phones typically come with core specs that at a minimum are equal to the Galaxy Note9, and in most cases far excel the specs offered by Samsung's latest. That's along with an overall design that's more suited to gamers in general – from more durable builds to the way you actually hold the device for a more comfortable gaming experience. This is as well as higher refresh rates, and in some cases accessories that bring the devices more in line with consoles than a smartphone. These are actually phones built for gamers, not just ones that are marketed at gamers to try to appeal to a younger, fresher audience.


Not only that, with these being more durable, higher spec, and built for gaming devices, they are far better designed to ensure that whatever gaming style you have, or type of mobile gaming experience you are seeking is better catered to. Whether you're just looking for a casino-based mobile gaming experience like that offered by the 888casino Android app, more of a culturally relevant gaming experience like that offered by the Fortnite Android app, or more of a technically demanding mobile experience found with titles such as Asphalt 9: Legends, PUBG or Shadowgun Legends, these smartphones are purpose-built to ensure the experience is as good and as smooth as you would expect.

So when do you decide to pick up a new smartphone (or buy one for someone else) and the gaming benefits are one of the primary concerns when narrowing down the selection, it's important to not get too caught up in the marketing message by Samsung. As after all, that's all it really is – a marketing message. One of the best things about Android is the sheer choice that's on offer as this means you do not have to buy a catch-all smartphone that looks to offer a little to as many different types of buyers as possible. Instead, you can very much focus in on smartphones that have been designed from the ground up with the exact purpose you are looking for. That's not to say you shouldn't buy the Galaxy Note9 as there are many reasons why you should. Just, if gaming is the main purpose, there's no particular reason to go with the Galaxy Note9 specifically. There are better options available.

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