Sketchy Galaxy S10+ Real Life Image Appears With One UI

Galaxy S10 sketchy real life image leak 1

Yet another alleged Samsung Galaxy S10+ image has just surfaced, and this time around we’re looking at the real-life image of the device. Now, it is worth noting that this image is quite sketchy, and it could be an edited image of the Galaxy S9, but we cannot know for sure. As you can see, the phone sports extremely thin bezels, its bezels are pretty much non-existent save for the extremely thin “chin” below the display. What you see above the display is not a bezel, not exactly, as icons are shown on it, so chances are this is just a display with turned on a black bar over the notification shade, so that the two front-facing cameras can be properly hidden. Speaking of which, those two cameras are located in the top-right corner, in case you did not notice them immediately. Having said that, those two cameras do seem to be extremely small and too close to the edge of the phone, which is why this image seems a bit unrealistic. It would be great if this design ended up being real, but chances are it is not. In any case, this phone does sport a curved display, while you can also see its volume up, volume down, and Bixby buttons on the left. On the display itself, you will notice Samsung’s all-new One UI skin with navigation gestures enabled, and small gesture indicators are enabled and visible on the bottom of the display, just like we’ve seen in Android 9 Pie beta build for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9.

Background: The Galaxy S10+ has been leaking for a while now, and most leaks suggest that the phone will sport a pill-shaped like display camera holes in the top-right corner. Those two camera holes will not be as close to the edge as pictured in the leaked image, at least according to previous leaks. The Galaxy S9+ is expected to include five cameras overall, three on the back, and two on the front, while its rear-facing cameras will be horizontally-aligned. The phone will not include a rear-facing or a side-facing fingerprint scanner, but an in-display one, at least based on leaks. The Galaxy S10+ is expected to arrive in February along with the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10, while the “premium” Galaxy S10 model is rumored to arrive at a later date with a ceramic body, a ton of RAM, and 5G support.

Impact: We have seen a ton of different Galaxy S10+ designs thus far, though the most often design that leaked is the one that is showing pill-shaped display camera cutouts in the top-right corner of the display. The announcement of this smartphone is still a couple of months away, and chances are we will not know the final design of the phone anytime soon, but the image that leaked today seems to be a bit unrealistic, even though this is the design that most people would probably be fine with, as those two cameras on the front are nowhere near as obtrusive as on the other smartphone designs we’ve seen thus far. In any case, get ready for a ton more Galaxy S10+ leaks in the coming weeks.