Save Up To 40% On Samsung's POWERbot Robot Vacuums

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Samsung is currently taking up to 40-percent off of its entire lineup of POWERbot robot vacuums, for the holidays. These range from $299 up to $799, and the biggest difference is the suction power and whether or not they have WiFi connectivity. But they will all work really well. The most popular model here is the POWERbot R7070 which is on sale for $499 good for around $200 off. This one is pretty popular because it is a “pet” robot vacuum. This means that it has some pretty strong brushes and suction power, allowing it to get up all of the pet hair and dander in your home. This is especially important if you are allergic to your pets but still love them.

Now the cheapest of the bunch here is the POWERbot R7040, which is priced at $299 and that is also good for $200 off of its regular price. This does have WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control the robot vacuum from your smartphone, as well as using voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also uses Visionary Mapping Plus, allowing the vacuum to map out your home and see where it needs to go, and also never miss a spot while cleaning, which is also pretty important here. The R7040 is also great for getting up loads of dirt, as it does have pretty good suction, though not quite as good as the R7070 that we mentioned above. This would make a really good gift for anyone, as you are essentially getting rid of the need to vacuum all the time, which is the greatest gift in the world for some people.

These are just a couple of the very many robot vacuums that Samsung has on sale right now. You are going to find a slew of great options at the link down below. Whether you are looking to spend only a few hundred, or you have no budget, there is something there for everyone. These all work with WiFi, and do a really good job at cleaning up your home. Making them a great choice to pick up this holiday season. Whether you are looking to grab one for yourself, or gift one to your mom or dad, or someone else that you still need to shop for, these will check all of those boxes, which is good to see here. Now Samsung is dropping the price on a number of other products right now, which you can check out at the link below as well. Whether you’re looking to save on some TVs, smartphones or something else, Samsung.com has you covered. You can also get free shipping, and have it arrive in time for the holidays, through this week. So that if you are someone that has been putting off Christmas shopping, then you’d better get started, as there are only eight days left until Christmas. Samsung products would make a great gift for virtually everyone as well. Make sure to check the links below to see everything Samsung has on sale right now.

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