Roborock's Holiday Ad Features Fake Snow And A Cat

Roborock S5 Christmas 2018 ad 1

Roborock is a company behind a couple of robot vacuums, as most of you know, and the company has just released a new ad for Christmas, which, at the same time, serves as a company’s best wishes video aimed at its consumers and everyone who’s watching. The ad that the company released had a duration of almost two minutes, and is titled “Kitty Dreams of Snow”. The title of this ad actually explains the ad itself really well, as the ad features a cat which wants it to snow really, really bad. As it didn’t start to snow, that cat decided to search for snow inside the house, as it thought that snow is hiding somewhere. In the end, it finds fake snow in Christmas packages, and makes a mess around the house, of course, and that’s when the Roborock S5 makes an appearance, cleaning that mess. It’s actually a really light-hearted ad, that barely even shows the company’s vacuum, and is mostly about the holidays and the holiday spirit. Those of you who are interested in checking it out, the ad is embedded down below.

That’s not all, though, as the company has also released a small update to the Robotock S5 which contains a Christmas easter egg. Well, this update is actually hidden inside Xiaomi’s Mi Home application, not the vacuum itself, but that app is used to control the vacuum, more on that later. This Christmas easter egg is actually a Christmas song that you can play, if you want, just to get you in the holiday spirit while the Roborock S5 is cleaning your house. Roborock had recently also released a new software update for the vacuum itself, which includes a new map-saving feature, which enables the vacuum to draw exclusionary zones, and also no-go lines. You can draw up to ten no-go zones and no-go lines upon activating the map saving mode in the Mi Home application.

Why Does The Name “Roborock” Sounds So Familiar


As mentioned in the last paragraph, Roborock’s vacuum cleaners are controlled via Xiaomi’s Mi Home application, and there’s a good reason for that. The company’s Roborock S50 vacuum which was introduced a while back, was considered to be a spiritual successor to the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum, Xiaomi’s very first robot vacuum. Well, the Roborock S5 can be considered a new iteration of that vacuum, and is one of the most capable vacuums in the market, at least if the Mi Robot Vacuum and Roborock S50 are anything to go by. The interesting part is, Roborock’s vacuums are usually more affordable than the products competitors are releasing, which is always a plus. The company has an even more affordable lineup of robot vacuum cleaners, just in case you’d like to spend less money, they’re called the Roborock Xiaowa robot vacuums, and are available in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, in case you’re wondering. The Roborock S5, a robot vacuum that we talked about the most in this article, is available for purchase via Amazon, in case you’re interested, and the link is included down below. The Roborock S50 has high precision navigation, 2,000Pa powerful suction, and can be controlled remotely. This vacuum cleaner comes with a 5,200mAh battery, and an intelligent auto recharge function, so it will recharge itself, you don’t have to worry about it.

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