Sonos Has Refurbished PLAY:1 Wireless, Multi-Room Speakers For $119

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Sonos has restocked its website with refurbished models of the PLAY:1. This is Sonos’ entry-level wireless speaker, but it is definitely worth picking up right now. The PLAY:1 can pack a whole lot of sound, and as with most Sonos products, it is tough to find them on sale, or even as a refurbished model. So at $119, this is a great time to pick one (or two) up and add them to your home. Or even give them away as presents next week. Depending on where you live, these may arrive before Christmas, but Sonos does offer free shipping and a 60-day return policy.

The Sonos PLAY:1 is the company’s entry-level speaker, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one. In fact, it is a really good speaker to pick up. It’s not even small, but it is a pretty heavy one. Unfortunately, it is not a portable speaker, so you can’t take it around the house or outside and play music. It does have WiFi for streaming audio, but unfortunately there is no Bluetooth. This is because of Sonos’ multi-room audio approach, and we’ll talk more on that a bit later. The audio quality that you will get from the Sonos PLAY:1 is pretty impressive, you’ll be able to adjust the bass and treble through the Sonos Connect app as well, so you can fine-tune it to get the sound that you want.

Sonos doesn’t do audio like most other speakers. It uses WiFi. This allows for better sounding audio from the source, given the fact that WiFi has more bandwidth than Bluetooth, you can use high-fidelity songs and play them on Sonos, and really hear the difference. This also allows you to have multi-room audio without needing to connect them all. It all works over WiFi, pretty seamlessly as well. The PLAY:1 can also work with the Sonos Beam, PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR and give you a pretty epic surround sound experience in your home. Which is definitely a cool experience. Now since Sonos does this over WiFi instead of Bluetooth, that means that music services need to add support for Sonos. Luckily about 99-percent of music services have support for Sonos within the Sonos app. And if you use Spotify, you can connect through Spotify Connect as well. If you do pick up a PLAY:1 or two, then you are going to love how well this works, and definitely enjoy the music experience. This is a gift that you may want to keep yourself instead of giving it to someone else this year.


Typically, refurbished Sonos speakers don’t stay in stock long, and that is because it is really the only time you can get a discounted Sonos speaker. So you’re going to want to hurry and grab yours before it is gone. You can pick it up through the link down below. As of right now, both colors are still in stock. That includes the black and white colors. Though the black has a gray grille, so its not “murdered-out black”.

Refurbished Sonos PLAY:1 - Sonos.com - $119