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Plex is having a pretty good deal on its lifetime Plex Pass subscription right now, to end the year right. The Lifetime Plex Pass is typically priced around $120, but today, you pick it up for just $90. That is when you use the promo code HOLIDAY25 at checkout. That will take 25-percent off of its regular price. There’s currently no word on how long this price will be good for, so you’d better grab it now before that coupon code has expired. And you will never have to pay for Plex again.

Those that might be unfamiliar with Plex, it is essentially a virtual media server that you can use to keep your library of media (movies, TV shows, music, etc) on a virtual server and stream it to your TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or really anything. Over the years, Plex has really added some cool features to its service, and makes it a worthwhile purchase. Plex Pass has a number of features including TIDAL being included for free. You can also get some movie and TV extras, where you can “enjoy a theater-like experience with Cinema Trailers before you watch”, you can also get cast interviews, behind-the-scenes features and much more. Plex will also allow you to watch and record over-the-air TV (using the OTA antenna, which you can grab for under $10, depending on when you buy it from Amazon). It won’t work with cable channels, because cable companies want their cut. But for OTA channels it’ll work just fine. In addition to simply streaming content from your Plex Library onto your smartphone, you can also download some content to watch offline. So if you have a long flight ahead of you, you’ll be able to download a bunch of movies to watch while you are on your flight and pass the time. This is thanks to the Mobile Sync feature, which allows you to download content even if you are not on the same WiFi network. Additionally, you can watch content in virtual reality from Plex, using the Gear VR, Google Daydream and even the Oculus Go, making for a pretty insane experience.

Plex is something that everyone should definitely have as part of their home entertainment setup. Especially if you already own a bunch of movies and TV shows, you can put them into your Plex Library and access them from virtually anywhere in the world. It’s super simple to setup a Plex Server too, and if you have an NVIDIA SHIELD TV, it will work as a Plex Server. If you have not picked up the NVIDIA SHIELD TV yet, you should, especially since it is discounted to just $149 right now. The Plex Pass usually is priced at about $40 per year, so within three years, this lifetime pass will more than pay for itself, and then some. At $90, it’s hard to pass up a lifetime subscription to Plex Pass, seeing as you won’t need to worry about paying for another Plex Pass again, and that is always a good thing here.

Plex Pass Lifetime - Plex.tv - $90

Promo code: HOLIDAY25