Tweak Your Phone Using OnePlus 6T McLaren's Wallpapers & Ringtones


OnePlus had introduced its OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition smartphone quite recently, and those of you who wanted to get your hands on its wallpapers and sounds, well, you're in luck. The phone's wallpapers and sounds have been uploaded online, along with its boot animation, so that pretty much anyone can download them, and you can use them on any phone you like, of courseā€¦ with the exception of the boot animation, that would take some tinkering with root and what not. In any case, OnePlus had included seven new wallpapers on the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, seven new wallpapers that are exclusive to that device, and all of those wallpapers are sticking to the company's style, as they are quite abstract. All of those wallpapers come in fullHD+ (2340 x 1080) resolution, as that is the resolution of the phone's display, but you can, of course, adapt them to your smartphone's display.

As far as sounds are concerned, one ringtone, two notification tones, and two UI sounds have been uploaded as well. These are all exclusive to the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, which means you cannot find them included on any other OnePlus 6T model. Please do keep in mind that you can use the ringtone and notification tones on any smartphone, but if you'd like to change the camera sounds (two new UI sounds that surfaced are camera sounds), you'll need root access, as you need to overwrite some existing files on your smartphone which are located in /system/media/audio/ui. Same can be said about the phone's boot animation, as previously mentioned, you will need root access in order to change it. The phone's wallpapers, sounds, and boot animation are all available to download via links provided down below, you will notice three links are included below the article, so that you can download whatever you want, without needing to access everything. If you're unsure whether you'd like to download wallpapers or not, take a look at the gallery down below, as we've included all those wallpapers down there, though do keep in mind they are compressed in the gallery, so if you'd like to get access to them in full size, you'll need to use the provided download link.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition vs Regular OnePlus 6T Variants


OnePlus had introduced several OnePlus 6T variants since October, when the first two arrived. The company first announced the Mirror Black and Midnight Black OnePlus 6T units, the OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple arrived soon after that, and the McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T followed quite recently. Unlike in previous generations, this time around the special edition OnePlus handset is not only differently-looking than the regular one in terms of its paint job, but it also comes with somewhat different internals. There are two changes compared to the standard model, the McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T comes with 10GB of RAM, compared to 6GB / 8GB of RAM on the standard variant, while it also ships with Warp Charge 30, which is 30W charging, compared to the 20W charging on the regular OnePlus 6T. In addition to that, the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition sports Carbon Fibre pattern under its glass on the back, which is not something you'll find on any other OnePlus 6T model, and in addition to that, it has orange accents on the back as well, which is officially called "Papaya Orange", and is McLaren's official color which it uses on its sports cars.

More Special Edition OnePlus 6T Variants Coming?

OnePlus is not exactly a stranger when it comes to releasing special edition variants of its smartphones, as we've seen Star Wars Edition and Avengers Edition OnePlus smartphones thus far, amongst others. That being said, the company already introduced two additional variants of the OnePlus 6T, post-launch, Thunder Purple and McLaren Edition models, so it's not exactly realistic to expect that the company will release any more such variants anytime soon. OnePlus may actually release another color variant of the device in the coming months, but the company's focus lies mainly on its upcoming devices, as the company is currently working on bringing two new smartphones to the table, its very first 5G-enabled handset, and the OnePlus 7, both of which are expected to arrive to the market in mid-2019. If OnePlus ends up releasing another 6T variant, it will probably be a new color option of the device, not a new device that is a product of a partnership with a company such as McLaren, as the company usually does that once per series.


OnePlus Will Introduce At Least Three Handsets In 2019

As things stand at the moment, three flagships are expected to come from OnePlus in 2019. The company already confirmed that the 5G-enabled device is coming, while the company also said that it will not be the OnePlus 7, while confirming that the OnePlus 7 (without naming it specifically) will not support 5G. The OnePlus 7T will probably arrive as well, at the end of 2019, and it remains to be seen if it will support 5G or not, but chances are it will not, as 5G will not become standard anytime soon, and it is expected to start appearing at some carriers in the second half of 2019. On top of all that, OnePlus did recently say that it will consider releasing a smaller handset in the future, but chances are that will not happen in 2019, as it seemed like the company is considering it, but did not start working on it or anything of the sort. OnePlus actually said that it will consider manufacturing such as a smartphone is the battery tech allows them to, which suggests that there are still some obstacles on the way for that to happen. When referring to a smaller phone, OnePlus probably meant a flagship-grade device in a smaller form factor, as the OnePlus X which was released along with the OnePlus 2 was a smaller handset, but it was a mid-range smartphone, and its sales number were not as high as the company had hoped, so the company will probably want to avoid releasing a mid-range smartphone in the near future, as it is focusing on high-end devices.

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