Some LG G7 ThinQ Units Bootlooping On Certain Networks: Report


The LG G7 ThinQ is reportedly suffering bootlooping issues in some regions and on select carriers, according to recent comments sprouting up across the web. At least one video of the incident was shared via YouTube and appears to be tied to T-Mobile SIM cards, specifically those in European countries. Some users report that removing the SIM and starting up the phone without it in place resolves the problem. For clarity, and as is usually the case with bootlooping problems, the devices in question start and begin to run the boot sequence animation as normal. However, they effectively get stuck and simply continue loading and reloading that sequence without ever fully turning on. Users experiencing the issue have difficulty getting affected handsets to boot into the Android recovery menu as well — accessed by long-pressing the volume and power physical keys during startup.

Background: LG and its customers are no stranger to booting-based problems, having been plagued with problems associated with Android OS's loading process a number of times over its history. In fact, similar issues were widespread on the LG-built G4, G5, V10, V20, and the Nexus 5X. The problems have gone so far and affected enough users to ultimately result in lawsuits which failed to be classified as a class action but impacted several hundred users participating in those regardless. Users who took part in the case were ultimately given either a $450 refund or $700 toward the price of a new phone from LG. Those who didn't participate in those cases still had some recourse despite the lack of a class action lawsuit. As a result of the company being forced to acknowledge the problem, in some cases, users reporting the issue to the company were able to get a replacement.

This bootlooping issue seems to differ from previous issues on a very fundamental level. Historically, bootlooping resulted from inconsistencies or defects in the underlying hardware that compound to stop the device from ever completely turning on. In other cases, they've been related to faulty interactions between the software and the hardware resulting from a lack of thorough optimization or bugs — or a combination of all of those issues. It also hasn't been confined to LG devices. There's more gray area stemming from the new reports since the bootlooping doesn't appear to be the result of a hardware problem from LG. Various customers have stated that it only occurs with a SIM installed in the device and only with certain carriers. One 'fix' for the problem disappears once the phone has been rebooted without a SIM card in place. That's not a real solution for those who want to continue using their LG G7 ThinQ as a phone. Conversely, it could indicate that faults in the data stored on the SIM cards that are being implemented at startup are to blame, instead of the SIM card reader or related components.


Impact: Exactly how widespread this latest bootlooping problem is, isn't immediately clear. LG seems to be making an attempt to get ahead of the problem by replacing devices for some users but that might not actually fix much. LG will likely lose some trust from consumers following reports of yet another case of bootlooping, regardless of how it responds or whether its hardware is at fault. The Korean tech giant simply has too much history with these types of occurrences in its smartphones to avoid any and all fallout.

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