New Overkill Smartphone Coming From Lenovo, With Ferrari Branding

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Ferrari Edition teaser 2

Lenovo’s CEO has just shared a rather interesting image on his Weibo (Chinese social network) account, an image that is showing the company’s upcoming smartphone. Now, some of you will notice that this phone looks almost the same as the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT that launched yesterday, the design is the same, but the back cover is a bit different. Well, there’s a good reason for that, this smartphone is actually expected to be a special edition variant of the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, as it will ship with Ferrari branding on the back, which is clearly visible in the provided image. This phone will allegedly be called the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Ferrari Edition, and considering that the company’s CEO is already teasing it, it will probably become official in the near future.

It Will Be Similar To The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, which became official yesterday, is pretty much a definition of an overkill smartphone. That device comes with 12GB of RAM on the inside, while it is fueled by Qualcomm’s latest and greatest SoC, the Snapdragon 855. Having that in mind, this Ferrari Edition smartphone will probably utilize that very same configuration, with 12GB of RAM and Snapdragon 855, while the company will either include 512GB or 1TB of storage on the inside. It is actually possible that this phone ends up being identical to the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT on the inside, and that Lenovo ends up changing up the back side of the phone only, simply to differentiate it. On top of that, you can expect to get a ton of Ferrari software content on the inside, ranging from wallpapers and live wallpapers to ringtones.


Design & Specs

The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT will sport almost no bezel on the front, it will include a really thin “chin” below the display, while a display notch will not be there, nor will a display camera hole. The phone will ship with a sliding camera mechanism, though, and its two front-facing cameras will be hidden until you slide the phone’s display down. The device will include two cameras on the back, while its back side will be curved. A fingerprint scanner will be included in the package, but it will be included under the display, same as on the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT. Specs will probably remain unchanged compared to its sibling, which means we’ll get a 6.39-inch fullHD+ Super AMOLED display, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. 16 and 24-megapixel cameras will be included on the back of the phone, while you will be able to find 16 and 8-megapixel cameras on the front, the 8-megapixel camera will be used for facial scanning. A 3,350mAh battery will be a part of the package as well, while you’ll be able to find two SIM card slots inside of this phone. If you’d like to know more about its specs, check out our Lenovo Z5 Pro GT announcement.

Its Competition?


You have probably noticed that there are a couple of smartphones out there which are released as special edition phones with names of sports car manufacturers included in the mix. OnePlus had recently introduced its McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T smartphone, while Honor is planning to release the Honor V20 Maserati Edition soon, if rumors are accurate. Interestingly enough, those two phones are expected to be the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Ferrari Edition’s competition, at least when it comes to sports car branding and high-end phones category. All of these smartphones will sport different price tags, though, so it remains to be seen how will they compare once everything is announced. Smartphone manufacturers are using sports car brand names mainly for marketing purposes, having such a special edition smartphone attracts people, even though those phones are usually considerably more expensive than their regular counterparts, and aside from a bit more RAM (in some cases), and a different paint job, they do not bring anything new to the table. Something similar will happen with the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Ferrari Edition, quite probably, though chances are it will attract some Ferrari fans. Having said that, if you’re not a Ferrari fan, getting the regular Lenovo Z5 Pro GT may be the best option, as you’ll save some money along the way. We’ll need to wait for Lenovo to actually announce this phone in order to be able to compare its price tag with the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT.