This Is What The Huawei P30 May Look Like, Sleek Design Shown In Video

Huawei P30 concept design based on leaks 1

The Huawei P30 is Huawei’s upcoming flagship smartphone, and a device just surfaced in a new video. This is a concept video that comes from a “Concept Creator” YouTube channel, so it’s not exactly a leak or anything of the sort, but this concept design is based on the leaks that we’ve seen thus far, so chances are it’s at least somewhat accurate, presuming those leaks were accurate as well, of course. The video itself has a duration of over three minutes, and it will give you a chance to take a look at the device from a number of angles. Now, the first thing you’ll notice is that the phone has four cameras on the back, one more than the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The alignment of those cameras is different here, though, as they’re stacked one above the other, vertically. An LED flash is located right next to those cameras, along with some additional sensors, it seems.

The back side of the device is curved, and chances are that Huawei’s logo will sit on that back side. The phone itself is made out of metal and glass, as you can see in the provided images, and you’ll also notice that a really small notch is included on the front side of the device, the so-called teardrop notch. The phone’s display sports rounded corners, and you will notice that a “chin” is not included below the display. Now, most leaks suggested that the phone will include a thin “chin” below the display, and that will probably happen in the final model, but the source decided to cut it off completely, and that is actually a possibility. Apple bent the display inside the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max in order to remove the “chin”, so Huawei may end up doing something similar in the P30, though there’s more chance that the company will simply leave a really thin “chin” down there.

The phone’s volume up, volume down, and power / lock buttons can be found on the right-hand side of its body, and interestingly enough, those buttons are not the same color. The volume up and down buttons are the same color as the phone, but the power / lock button is not. It is also worth noting that it seems like this P30 design has some sort of coating on the back, and a different pattern to most glass phones out there, but similar to the Mate 20 Pro. The Mate 20 Pro’s back side is considerably less slippery than your regular glass backs, and it actually makes a rather odd sound when you try to scratch it, so it’s quite possible that Huawei may end up using something similar on the Huawei P30. In the provided concept video, the source also laid out some specs that he expects will be a part of the P30 offering, including the Kirin 985 SoC, 6GB / 8GB RAM, 512GB of storage, and 5G support. We’ll talk more about that in the paragraph down below.


Huawei P30 Specs, How Realistic Are These Predictions?

Huawei had released the Kirin 980 a couple of months ago, and it is the processor that fuels the company’s Mate 20 series of devices, a true flagship chip. Now, the Kirin 985 is supposed to be an upgrade over the Kirin 980, but not a huge upgrade, an iterative one, if you will. The major difference between the two is supposed to be in clock speeds, as the Kirin 985 will be clocked higher than the Kirin 980, but everything else will be really similar, if not the same. This processor is only rumored at this point, and Huawei did not confirm anything, but it’s quite possible that it may fuel the Huawei P30, presuming that Huawei will introduce it in the near future. As far as the rest of the mentioned specs are concerned, the RAM and storage parts may end up being true, but the P30 probably will not support 5G connectivity. Some rumors are suggesting that 5G support will be the main differentiating factor between the Kirin 980 and 985, but even if the chip ends up supporting 5G, chances are the P30 will not support it, as that would increase the price of the phone too much, and would not be as comparable with the P30 as expected. Samsung is launching a completely separate unit of the Galaxy S10 that will have 5G support, at least based on rumors, while OnePlus is doing the same with its upcoming smartphone, so Huawei will probably do something similar. Chances are we’ll either get a 5G variant of the P30, or a completely separate smartphone that will have 5G support. The Huawei P30 is also expected to ship with Android 9 Pie out of the box, with EMUI 9 on top of it, while the device could ship with a large battery on the inside as well. Leica’s lenses will be a part of the offering once again, while we’ll probably get the Huawei P30, P30 Pro, and P30 Lite variants of the phone next year, at the very least.