Save $30 On The HP Sprocket Photo Printer, For A Limited Time

hp sprocket

HP is discounting the Sprocket Photo Printer today, dropping $30 off of its regular price. This brings it down to just $99, from $129. The HP Sprocket would make a really great gift idea this year, especially for your parents or grandparents. It’s something you can use during Christmas too, since you’ll be taking pictures with your relatives, you can then print them out instantly on the Sprocket Photo Printer and your parents and/or grandparents can have those photos forever. Because the older generations would rather have physical pictures than digital ones, like millennials would prefer.

The Sprocket is essentially a mobile printer that is made just for printing photos. It will work with Android smartphones running Android 4.4 or later and iPhones running iOS 8.0 or later. You can easily use the app to print to the Sprocket, and get a 2×3 snapshot printed. You can also print stickers, making it a really great item to bring to Christmas parties this year. You will get lab-quality photos out of the Sprocket, without heading to the lab. Which makes this more than worth it. The craziest thing about the Sprocket is the fact that is the size of a smartphone, and weighs in at about six ounces (or about 170 grams) so it is actually a little lighter than some of the newer glass and metal smartphones out there. The Sprocket app is available not only for printing out these photos, but you can also use it to customize your photos before you print them. Maybe add some emojis to it, or make a collage of a few different photos. It works really well with some customization and definitely worth picking up. The Sprocket comes in a slew of different colors, allowing you to get the color you like best. This includes black, white and pink. For $99, this is perhaps the best gift you can get for under $100.

This deal on the HP Sprocket Photo Printer is one of many deals that HP is currently offering on a number of products. With the holiday season starting to wind down, HP is still offering some big discounts on laptops, desktops, monitors, printers and so much more. Now a lot of these – especially the PCs – won’t arrive in time for Christmas, but they are still great options for those that are looking for a gift this year. HP has something for virtually everyone available in its deals. Whether you’re looking for something for the gamer, or something for the business person, HP has you covered with its Omen and Envy series. These are some of the biggest sales of the year for HP, and you likely won’t see these drop any further. So even if you aren’t buying a new laptop for someone else, and need a new one yourself, now is definitely the time to do so. You can check out HP’s current deals by hitting the link below, remember that a number of their PCs are customizable so you can get it the way you want.

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