Honor 11 & View 20 Coming Next Year, Executive Confirms

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Zhao Ming, also known as George Zhao, has just confirmed that the Honor View 20 and Honor 11 will become a reality. For those of you who do not know, George Zhao is actually Honor’s president, so this information is completely accurate, as Mr. Zhao confirmed that the Honor 10 is coming next year, while he said that the Honor View 20 aka Honor V20 is in development, and it seems like it will arrive later than usual, so it will probably arrive in 2019 as well. This information got confirmed via Weibo (Chinese social network), while George Zhao was conversing with some users, even though the confirmation is kind of indirect, as Mr. Zhao basically confirmed this by answering with a question. In any case, the Honor 11 is expected to arrive in the first half of 2019, as its predecessor, the Honor 10, got announced in May this year. The Honor V20 aka Honor View 20 is still quite a mystery, as the Honor View 10 was announced at the very end of 2018, so if the company is planning to stick to its release cycle, the phone should arrive before the end of 2018, but it seems like that will not happen. The Honor Magic 2 got released quite recently, and that announcement might have affected the release date for the Honor View 20, so the phone is now expected to arrive in early 2019, though we still do not know when exactly, though it will almost certainly arrive before the Honor 11.

Background: The Honor 11 and Honor View 20 will aim at completely different sets of consumers, as the Honor 11 is expected to sport a rather compact display, and be quite compact at the same time, while the Honor View 20 will probably boast a rather large display and will cater to people who like large phones. The Honor 10 featured a 5.84-inch display, but was quite compact thanks to its thin bezels, its successor may actually ship with a display of a similar size, even though its specs did not surface yet, so we can only guess at this point. The Honor View 10, on the other hand, sported a 5.99-inch display, and the Honor View 20 will probably boast an even large panel than that, quite possibly a 6.2 or a 6.3-inch display, even though specs for that phone did not surface either, so this is more of a guess. Specs for both devices are expected to surface in a new future, so stay tuned for that.

As far as the design is concerned, both phones are expected to look considerably different than their predecessors. The Honor 10 was made out of metal and glass, and it sported a rather compact display notch, well, the Honor 11 will probably be made out of metal and glass, as well, but chances are it will ship with a display camera hole, as that seems to be the trend these days. The Honor View 10, unlike the Honor 10, does not sport a display notch, nor is it made out of metal and glass, the Honor View 10 sports an all-metal build. Having said that, its successor will probably be made out of metal and glass, just like the Honor 11, and it is expected to sport a display camera hole, just like the Honor 11. Display camera holes will be implemented in a lot of phones in 2019, it seems, and they will kind of replace notches, at least if tons of rumors and leaks are to be believed.


The Honor View 10 and Honor 10 are both fueled by the Kirin 970 64-bit octa-core processor, which is Honor’s flagship processor for 2017, and both the Honor View 20 and Honor 11 will ship with the Kirin 980 64-bit octa-core SoC, which is Huawei’s current flagship processor which fuels the company’s flagship smartphones, including the Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X and a special edition Porsche Design variant of the Huawei Mate 20. In addition to the Kirin 980, both devices are expected to ship with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, though both variants are a possibility, while Honor will probably offer more than one storage variant for each of these smartphones. Android 9 Pie is expected to come pre-installed on both smartphones, while Huawei’s Emotion UI (EMUI) skin will be included on top of Google’s operating system, of course. Each of these two phones is expected to sport at least two cameras on the back, while we will probably see a rear-facing fingerprint scanner included in the package as well, unless Honor opts to include an in-display fingerprint scanner instead. Both phones will sport two SIM card slots, while neither of them will ship with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It remains to be seen if wireless charging ends up being a part of the offering, as the Honor 10 did not sport it despite the fact it sports a glass back. If Honor opts to enable wireless charging in these two devices, both of them will use Qi standard for charging, that’s for sure.

Impact: The Honor 10 and Honor View 10 were quite affordable considering what they had to offer, and that’s kind of Honor’s moto, that company is here to compete primarily with Xiaomi in some segments of the market, and the same will probably happen in the case of the Honor 11 and Honor View 20. The Honor 11 is expected to cost around €400, while the Honor View 20 will probably cost around €500. Now, realistically, both devices will probably cost less than that, but somewhere in that price range. Both devices will become available in China first, and will then make their way to other markets, Europe included, at least that was the case with the Honor 10 and Honor View 10. It usually takes Honor about a month to bring its devices to Europe after they launch in China, and the company usually offers variants with less RAM in Europe for some reason, hopefully that won’t happen in the case of the Honor 11 and Honor View 20, but it remains to be seen, as we do not really have any spec info to share with you at the moment, at least not rumored or leaked spec info, all we can do at this point is guess.