Pixel 3 Lite & Pixel 3 Lite XL Resemble The Pixel 3 A Lot: Leak

It seems like Google is planning to release two “Pixel 3 Lite” models, the Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL, at least according to the newest leak. If you take a look at the provided video, which is embedded down below, and a gallery of images, which is attached as well, you will be able to see the aforementioned smartphones. These renders come from 91mobiles, and these seem to be CAD-based images. The Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL are expected to be more affordable alternatives to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which were announced a couple of months ago. Now, if you take a look at the provided content, you will notice that these two smartphones look identical one compared to the other, other than the difference in size, that is. Neither of the two phones sports a display notch, so they basically look like the Pixel 3 (with thicker side bezels), which also does not have a display notch, Compared to the Pixel 3 XL, the bezel below the display is thicker, and so is the bezel above the display, though that monstrous notch is not included here, and that notch is taller than the bezel included on either of these phones, at least it seems to be at first. These two smartphones will be made out of metal and polycarbonate, not metal and glass like the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, while a single camera will be included on the back, quite probably the same sensor as on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. A rear-facing fingerprint scanner will sit on the back of the Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL, and the same can be said for a small glass-like looking panel (probably plastic) which will be included in the upper portion of the phone’s back side. The display will sport rounded corners on both of these devices, while all the physical keys will be included on the right. A SIM card tray will be accessible from the left, as per these renders, while a Type-C port will be included on the bottom, as will the loudspeaker (it remains to be seen if the two phones will include some sort of stereo speakers / sound or not).

What Specs Can We Expect?

The Google Pixel 3 Lite rumors have been popping up for quite some time now, but these are the best renders we’ve seen thus far, and also the first time we’re hearing about the “Pixel 3 Lite XL” unit of the device, even though two variants of the phone were rumored. In any case, some leaked specifications are also available, in case you’re wondering what to expect in these two smartphones. The Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to sport a 5.5-inch display, just like the regular Pixel 3 unit, while the Pixel 3 Lite XL, on the other hand, will include a 6-inch panel, if rumors are accurate. The Pixel 3 Lite XL’s panel will, in this case, be smaller than display on the Pixel 3 XL’s panel, as the Pixel 3 XL sports a 6.3-inch display. Now, as far as the dimensions are concerned, the Pixel 3 Lite is said to measure 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2mm (9mm with a camera bump), while the Pixel 3 Lite XL, on the other hand, will be 160mm tall, and 76.1mm wide, and 8.2mm thick, just like the Pixel 3 Lite. Both smartphones will include displays with a fullHD+ resolution, and a display aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

The Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to be fueled by the Snapdragon 670 64-bit hexa-core processor, which is Qualcomm’s mid-range chip. The phone will also include 4GB of RAM, according to rumors, while a 12-megapixel main camera is also said to be included on this smartphone. The phone will include 32GB of internal storage, though a 64GB variant may be available as well. On top of everything, a 2,915mAh battery is also rumored, while Android 9 Pie will come pre-installed on the device. As far as the Pixel 3 Lite XL is concerned, that smartphone will probably sport a very similar spec sheet to the Pixel 3 Lite, though it will include a larger display, and thus a larger battery. There’s a small chance that the Pixel 3 Lite XL may include a more powerful SoC as well, even though that’s unlikely, but some rumors have been suggesting that the Snapdragon 710 64-bit octa-core SoC will be included in the phone instead of the Snapdragon 670, and the Snapdragon 710 is Qualcomm’s most powerful mid-range processor at the moment.

What Else Can We Expect?

Some of you are probably wondering whether wireless charging will be included on the Pixel 3 Lite, and Pixel 3 Lite XL. Well, chances are it will not, as that is an extra feature Google will probably omit here, as it will try to keep the price of these two smartphones down, considerably below the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL range. Both phones will include fast wireless charging, though it remains to be seen if they will ship with Quick Charge 3.0 or Quick Charge 4+ support. Both phones will likely include IPS LCD panels, as OLED panels would be more expensive for Google. Now, as far as the release date is concerned, we’re not sure what Google is planning, but the two phones are expected to arrive in early 2019, at the latest, maybe even in January, as some rumors did say that the Pixel 3 Lite may arrive at the end of January. As far as the price tags are concerned, well, that’s hard to predict. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are quite expensive, and some would argue that they could / should have been more affordable, so the Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL will probably cost more than you expect, but they will sport mid-range price tags, that much is certain. The two phones will be available in the US, for sure, and in parts of Europe, while it remains to be seen where else is Google planning to push these phones, as it would make sense to ship them off to some emerging markets as well (including India and South America regions), as long as the price tags fit, of course.

Pixel 3 Lite & Pixel 3 Lite XL:

Pixel 3 Lite:

Pixel 3 Lite XL:

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