Grab a Google Home Hub & 2 Google Home Mini's From Verizon For $129

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Verizon is dropping the price on the Google Home Hub by $20, down to just $129. But to sweeten the deal, it is throwing in two Google Home Mini’s for free. The Google Home Mini is typically $50 a piece (though they are on sale for $29 during the holiday season), so you’re saving a cool $120 on this bundle here. Verizon will have this shipped to you in time for the holidays, and it does offer up free overnight shipping on anything over $79.

The Google Home Hub is on sale for $129 elsewhere, but only at Google and Verizon, can you get this bundle. So it’s definitely worth picking up. The Google Home Hub was announced earlier this year – back in October – as Google’s first smart display. It runs the Google Assistant, so you can ask Google to show you pictures from a trip, or to play a YouTube video, or really anything else. Unfortunately, there is no Netflix support, and there’s no word on whether that will be coming in the future or not. The Google Home Hub is really useful in the kitchen, since you can pull up recipes on the Home Hub while you are cooking so you can actually make a great meal. You could also switch to YouTube or YouTube TV and watch some shows while you wait for your dinner to cook.

Now the Google Home Mini is essentially a very tiny smart speaker from Google, with the Google Assistant built-in. The Google Home Mini is a great way to fill your home with the Google Assistant, you could put one in the living room to control your TV and other smart home devices, or put one in your bedroom and use it as an alarm clock and such. It actually comes in really handy, and it’s not too bad when it comes to actually playing music, which might be a bit of a surprise to many people out there. The Google Home Mini does come in a number of different colors including charcoal and chalk (there is a mint and coral color, but those are not available, currently at Verizon).


This deal is not going to last long, and if you do want it in time for the holidays, you’d better order soon. As mentioned, Verizon is offering free overnight shipping for accessories orders over $79. So if you order today, it’ll arrive tomorrow (or order tomorrow, it’ll arrive on Christmas Eve). To get this deal, you will need to add the Google Home Hub and two Google Home Mini’s to your cart on Verizon’s website. The price will then update to be $129 for all three. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up on the product pages – this is because they are normally sold separately. Now Verizon does have a number of other deals going on right now, this includes some smartphones, tablets, and other accessories that you can pick up at a discounted rate. You can check out these deals at the link down below. There are also links to the Google Home Hub and Home Mini below.

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