New Details Leak For Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Wearables, Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Logo 2017 AH 4 NEW

New unsourced details have now apparently leaked regarding no fewer than three smartwatches and five Android tablets to be launched over the coming months, according to Samsung-specific tech blog SamMobile. The information primarily concerns the color configurations each device is set to be offered in by the Korean tech giant. Several of the devices listed have already appeared in prior rumors or leaks such as a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A currently predicted to launch at MWC 2019 in late February. That tablet is expected to appear under the model numbers SM-P200 and SM-P205 with  7.0-inch and 10.5-inch display-variants packing mid-range hardware and performance. A minimum of 32GB of storage is expected to0, while the latest information suggests those will be available in both black and gray colorations.

Three other tablets, bearing model designations SM-T515, SM-T720, and SM-T725 are expected to arrive in the near future too. The latter two will most likely be variants of the same device brand based on their similar model numbers. Those will also be available in black or gray with 64GB and 128GB of internal storage while the Galaxy-branded SM-T515 tablet is predicted to be available with a silver configuration option instead of the gray seen in its counterparts. For wearables, one device is codenamed ‘Pulse under model designation SM-R500 and expected to be a follow up to the Samsung Gear Sport. That will be available in black, gold, silver, or green color schemes. Presently, that’s thought to be undergoing a rebranding as the Samsung Galaxy Sport and to include Bixby out-of-the-box, possibly representing the first Samsung smartwatch to include the AI assistant software. Wearables under the model numbers SM-R370 and SM-R375 are predicted to eventually launch under the Samsung Galaxy Fit branding as more affordability-focused fitness trackers. Those will be made available to consumers in black, silver, white, or yellow.

Other appearances expected at MWC 2019


Most of the new devices are predicted to arrive during MWC 2019, running from February 25 through February 28 in Barcelona. Samsung is also expected to launch its latest flagship series smartphones under the Galaxy S10 brand at the same event. No fewer than four of the new mobile devices have been rumored to be in the works including one that is a step above the usual fare and includes 5G networking and another that steps down for better affordability. At the budget end of that spectrum is the tentatively named 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. If rumors are to be believed, that will feature a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, 4GB RAM, a flat panel and a total of three cameras with two at the back and one selfie snapper.

The more typical Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will be made available at 5.8-inches and 6.44-inches, respectively, and will ship with 6GB and 8GB RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to arrive with a similar camera configuration while the larger ‘plus’ variant will double up on the front cameras. Each of those is predicted to arrive with a curved-edge and Infinity-O panel using display holes instead of notches for the cameras and front-facing sensor hardware. Just above that and expected to cost well over $1500 is the 5G variant that would have an even larger display, three cameras at the back and two at the front.

Relaunching the entire Galaxy ecosystem


Taken alongside the other more recent leaks, Samsung appears to be readying itself to relaunch its entire ‘Galaxy’ brand from wearables to tablets at the upcoming mobile event. The company is also expected to rebrand at least 4 different model designations under newly revitalized Samsung Galaxy M and Galaxy A families. The restructuring of its assortment of electronics is relatively obvious but it may or may not turn out to be the case that MWC 2019 is going to be the platform for that relaunch. The event is currently only a couple of months away and both rumors and leaks would typically have outlined substantially more detail about products that close to launch. So it may be the case that Samsung’s ongoing transformation happens over the entire year rather than at any one mobile event.