Flash Is The #1 New Social Calling App

Flash App Android

For those of you out there who are getting tired of Snapchat, brace yourselves for its potential successor. Flash is an innovative new app that lets you send pictures to friends. The twist is that you can use these pictures as your caller ID so that the person you’re calling can see what you’re up to before they even answer your call. This is perfectly logical of course, as calls are basically the reason that phones exist – yet they haven’t really figured into the explosion of communication innovation that has seen the rise of apps like Snapchat.

Flash App director Michael Ledford has done the math so you don’t have to as well. He states that “Americans make over 2 billion calls a day, and Flash adds personality during the 10 seconds each call rings. Those 10 seconds add up to over 5 million hours each day of lost opportunity to connect and communicate.”

“Until Flash,” he adds.


Naturally, user safety is a priority. That’s why you can time your photos to expire automatically upon arrival, and you have total control over what image appears where. On top of that, you’ll get a notification whenever somebody saves or screenshots one of your images, and nobody will be able to save disappearing images by default.

If you’ve ever used an app like Instagram you’ll be at home with Flash’s photo editing interface, which lets you add captions, apply filters and stickers to the images you send. You don’t need to use them as your caller ID, either – you can share images over the Flash app whenever you like.

To check it out, download the Flash app on Google Play or the App Store, or visit startflashing.com to learn more before you take the plunge.

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