6 Apps To Help You Make The Best Eggnog For Christmas

AH Eggnog app 1

Eggnog is a very popular drink for Christmas, some people buy it at the supermarket, but a homemade eggnog is miles better than the one you buy in the store, which is why many people make their own. Eggnog is really not all that difficult to make, quite the contrary, as all you need is some milk, egg yolks, rum or whiskey, and various spices. Having said that, you can also make a non-alcoholic eggnog, if you want, in case kids will be drinking it. In any case, eggnog is basically a cocktail, and there are a ton of takes on how it’s made exactly which is why we’ve selected 6 applications in order to help you to make the very best eggnog. In the list down below, you will find apps that are eggnog-related, and considering that this is a cocktail drink, more or less all of these apps are recipe apps for eggnog, some are eggnog-exclusive, while others are more general, but eggnog recipes are included nonetheless. Before you start browsing, please do keep in mind that these apps are not listed in any specific order, just because an app is first in line doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Easy Eggnog Recipe


The name of this application is kind of self-explanatory, this app is exclusive to eggnogs, and despite the fact, the word “recipe” is singular in the name of the app, there are various different recipes included here. The design of the app is really simple, and yet it looks nice and it’s quite functional. If you’re looking for eggnog recipes exclusively, and don’t want to bother with anything else, this may be just the right app for you, though keep in mind that ads are included in the package.

Easy Eggnog Recipe (Google Play Store)

All Christmas Recipes


All Christmas Recipes is an app that comes with various recipes for Christmas. The design of this app is a bit dated, but the app is still quite functional, and there are images included for all recipes here. Eggnog recipes are also included in the mix, and it seems like people actually like this app quite a bit, at least judging by its ratings on the Play Store. This app comes with a built-in search functionality, while you can mark your favorite recipes inside the app, for safekeeping.

All Christmas Recipes (Google Play Store)


Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes is yet another app that comes with Christmas-related recipes, and this app actually looks quite nice. The design is somewhat modern, and it stays out of the way, and it puts focus on the content, recipes and their respective images. Amongst the recipes here, you will find some recipes for eggnogs as well, while this app also comes with ads, in case you were wondering.


Christmas Recipes (Google Play Store)

1000 Christmas Recipes


1000 Christmas Recipes is an app quite similar to the previous two we’ve mentioned, well, at least as far as its content is concerned. This app comes with 1,000 Christmas food and drinks recipes, including some eggnog recipes that you may find interesting. As with most other recipe apps, every recipe comes with an image and a detailed explanation on how to make particular food or drink. You can bookmark your favorite recipes, so that you can access them later ton, and this app also comes with ads.

1000 Christmas Recipes (Google Play Store

InShake – Recipes milkshakes


InShake app is actually an app which focuses on milkshake recipes. Well, eggnog is technically a milkshake, at least some people consider it to be a milkshake, thus eggnog recipes are included in this application. This is quite probably the most modern-looking app on this list, and it comes with a built-in search functionality. This app comes with both ads and in-app purchases, while you can also scroll through recipes via various categories.

InShake - Recipes milkshakes (Google Play Store)


Milkshake Recipes

Much like InShake, this app also brings you a ton of milkshake recipes, and much like InShake, this app is also really well designed. Eggnog is definitely not the sole focus on this application, or the main focus, but if you search for eggnog recipes here, you will find some, along with a ton of other milkshake recipes, in case you’re looking to change things up for Christmas. This app also comes with ads, and in-app purchases are also included.

Milkshake Recipes (Google Play Store)