Here Are 10 Great Christmas Games To Enjoy During The Holidays

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Christmas is coming, it’s less than a week away at this point, and in order to get into the Christmas spirit, we’ve selected some Christmas games for you to try out. If you browse the Play Store, you will stumble upon quite a few Christmas-themed games, but like with everything else, not all of those games are worth playing, some are having technical issues, while others are simply not that good to begin with. Well, we did our best to hand-pick ten of them for you to try out, and we did our best to list different games for you to play, so the list is quite versatile as well. Before you start browsing, however, do note that the games down below are not listed in any specific order, just because a game is first in the list does not mean it’s the best one.

Christmas Sweeper 3


If you like Candy Crush Saga, then the Christmas Sweeper 3 will probably appeal to you. This game basically requires you to create lines of identical symbols which then disappear and you get points for it. In this game, you can get great powerups, depending on how good you are, while there are over 1,500 level for you to play, each of which comes with its own set of challenges. Ads and in-app purchases are included here, but you won’t be forced to buy anything.

Christmas Sweeper 3 (Google Play Store)

Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa


Farm Snow is a rather interesting game, as it’s basically a farming game, but a Christmas-themed farming game. It may sound odd at first, but it’s a really fun game in which you’re required to grow hay every day, receive letters from children, and send sleighs filled with gifts to deliver those gifts to children, along with Santa Clause, of course. You will be able to build Christmas buildings in this game, grow magic trees, manufacture all kinds of toys, and more.

Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa (Google Play Store)


Christmas Santa Rush Delivery- Gift Game

Christmas Santa Rush Delivery is a 3D game, and it’s basically a Christmas driving game, if we can call it that. All you’re required to do in this game is drive Santa around the city so that he can deliver gifts to kids. You will have to be careful not to hit anything on your way, so as long as you’ve played a driving game of any sort, you’ll be right at home here. The developer also emphasizes that you do not need to have an active Internet connection in order to play this game, as it’s an offline game.


Christmas Santa Rush Delivery- Gift Game (Google Play Store)

Winter Solitaire


If you like Solitaire, then this is the game for you, as this is essentially a winter and Christmas-themed version of Solitaire, and one of the highest-rated Christmas games in the Play Store. There are several modes that you can choose from in this game, and it’s somewhat different to solitaire that you’re used to, that’s for sure. The game is localized in 15 languages, and it’s free to play, though ads and in-app purchases are a part of the experience.

Winter Solitaire (Google Play Store)

Bubble Blast Holiday


Bubble Blast Holiday is a puzzle game. This is a game in which you burst Christmas characters in order to trigger a chain reaction, and eliminate as many items on the screen as possible, it’s somewhat similar to the Candy Crush Saga, but it adds its own spin to things. There are over 2,500 levels available in the puzzle mode, while you also have an arcade mode to play if you want, if that’s more of your thing. This app does include ads, but it’s free to play.

Bubble Blast Holiday (Google Play Store)


Hidden Objects Christmas Trees – Finding Object

Hidden Objects Christmas Trees is a game in which you’ll be required to find various objects in specific scenarios, so, for example, a living room filled with Christmasy stuff. There are 1,000+ objects included in this game, the graphics are really nice as well, while an interesting soundtrack will follow your moves. Hints are available in the game as well, while a zoom feature is included as well, of course, otherwise you’d never be able to find some objects. The game is free to play, despite the fact ads and in-app purchases are included.

Hidden Objects Christmas Trees – Finding Object (Google Play Store)

Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi

Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi is a Christmas adventure game, basically. The story is as follows, your little sister does something bad, and is visited by the evil spirit Berta, after which she’s taken to an unfriendly place. Your goal is to track her down and save her, bring her home for the holidays. In order to save your sister, you’ll need to help other families in need. You’ll be required to find a number of hidden objects, solve many puzzles and play a ton of mini-games in this game. Do keep in mind that a trial version is available for free, but you’ll have to pay up for the whole game.

Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi (Google Play Store)

Find the Difference Christmas – Spot It

Find the Difference Christmas is a game in which you will need to spot differences in two pictures which are presented to you side-by-side. The graphics are great in this game, which, due to the nature of this game, definitely plays a huge part. Hints are available in the game, while the game is free to play, even though ads and in-app purchases are included here, as in many other games on this list.

Find the Difference Christmas – Spot It (Google Play Store)

Christmas Coloring

If you have a kid that loves coloring books, or you’d like to relax a bit by doing some coloring during the holidays, well, the Christmas Coloring game may be just right for you. As its name says, this is a Christmas-themed coloring game, and the game is adapted for kids, as the navigation is extremely simple. There are a ton of designs that you can color, and all of them are Christmasy.

Christmas Coloring (Google Play Store)

Christmas Games: Toy Party

Christmas Games: Toy Party is a game which includes a number of mini-games on the inside, so this is basically a collection of games, if you will. You will find six different games on the inside, including Jigsaw Puzzles, Solve Mazes, Connect the Dots, Toys Flow, Memory Cards, and Domino, all of which are more or less self-explanatory. There are over 300 levels available, and three difficulty level as well, for kids of different ages.

Christmas Games: Toy Party (Google Play Store)