Trying To Find The Best Christmas Apps? Here Are 10 Compelling Ones

AH Google Santa Tracker 2

Christmas is fast approaching, we’re only a couple of days away from the day, and many of you are probably looking for a way to get into the Christmas spirit, or are simply looking for some more Christmas-related content. Well, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas-themed applications that you may be interested in, and that may help you get into the Christmas spirit. In the list down below, you will find ten applications, all of which are Christmas-themed, and for each app, we’ve included a download link and a short description, as per usual. Before you start reading / browsing, please do note that these apps are not listed in any specific order, just because an app is first on the list does not mean that it’s better than the rest of them. That being said, feel free to start browsing our top Christmas app picks.

Christmas Photo Frames, Effects & Cards Art


This application has a rather long name, and that name pretty much explains what the app is all about. This application brings a huge collection of both Christmas and New Year photo frames and effects that you can use on your images, in order to make them more festive. You will find over 50 interesting templates to choose from, while the app also allows you to add your own text to the final product. Both ads and in-app purchases are included here, but you can use the app without paying anything.

Christmas Photo Frames, Effects & Cards Art (Google Play Store)

Christmas Ringtones 2018


Christmas Ringtones 2018 app is, as its name says, all about Christmas ringtones. This app’s UI is incredibly simple, it’s basically just a list of Christmas ringtones that you can choose from, and you can, of course, use those ringtones on your smartphone. New ringtones are constantly been added to the application, and you will find a ton of well-known Christmas songs here, well, ringtones that are based on songs, including Carol of the Bells, Drummer Boy, Joy to the world, O Holy Night, Deck the Halls, Christmas Tree, and many more.

Christmas Ringtones 2018 (Google Play Store)


Christmas Countdown (with Advent Calendar)

Christmas Countdown (with Advent Calendar) is a rather interesting app, not only does it include a countdown until Christmas knocks on our door, but it does that with really fun, and nice-looking background. On top of that, classic Christmas music will play in the app, and each day of the advent you will be able to unwrap a little gift, which only brings more holiday spirit to the experience. This is one of the best-looking Christmas apps out there, its UI is extremely simple, but it brings so much holiday spirit to the table.


Christmas Countdown (with Advent Calendar) (Google Play Store)

Google Santa Tracker


Google has refreshed its Santa-tracking application, and it’s exactly what you’d expect, definitely the best Santa-tracking app in the Play Store, as there are not many there at all. With this app, in addition to tracking Santa, you can also play a number of games, from elves in jetpacks, to sleighs powered by rockets. All in all, it’s a fun little app that will definitely boost your Christmas spirit, and it’s completely free to use.

Google Santa Tracker (Google Play Store)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


How the Grinch Stole Christmas app is exactly what you’d expect, this is an interactive book classic from Dr. Seuss, that pretty much everyone knows about at this point, as we’ve seen several cartoons and movies based on it. This app will allow your kid to explore pictures, learn new vocabulary and so on. The app is aimed at kids aged between three and six, in case you were wondering.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Google Play Store)


ElfYourself® By Office Depot

ElfYourself is an app by Office Depot, and it essentially allows you to put your face as a replacement for the face of an elf. Once you do that, you will be featured in a series of personalized videos which feature dancing elves. This is a fun little application which is unlike anything else we’ve stumbled upon in the Play Store, and it will probably not only make you laugh, but get you in the holiday spirit, at least a little bit.

ElfYourself® By Office Depot (Google Play Store)

Christmas Gift List

Are you planning to get plenty of Christmas gifts this Christmas for your loved ones? Well, in case you haven’t done that already and are planning to do some shopping soon, the Christmas Gift List may be of use. This app basically allows you to set up different entries for people you need to buy gifts for, and add gifts to those entries. You can also set a gift budget for each person, and the app’s design is really nice as well, which brings some flair to the experience of using it.

Christmas Gift List (Google Play Store)

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

If you’re on the lookout for the appropriate Christmasy live wallpaper, well, Christmas Live Wallpaper Free app is one of the most popular ones out there. This app will allow you to choose between several settings, most of which have a Christmas tree in focus, and you can choose between six animated camera motions. There is a Sky Lanterns scene available, same goes for the 3D Snow scene, 3D fireworks scene, and so on. The app is free to use, and has plenty of options.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free (Google Play Store)

Christmas HD

If you’re not a fan of the Christmas Live Wallpaper Free app, well, the Christmas HD may appeal to you, though do keep in mind that this app will set you back around $2. This is also an app with Christmasy live wallpapers, and plenty of people think that it’s the best one out there. If you’d like to bring some Christmas spirit to your smartphone, this may be the way to go, as you can choose between plenty of settings, all of which are Christmas-themed.

Christmas HD (Google Play Store)

Christmas Deco

Christmas Deco application allows you to create rather interesting Christmas images out of your regular shots, or simply include some of your shots in collages, which this app allows you to create as well. There are a ton of tools available on the inside, including photo effects and photo filters that you can use. You can also include some text on your image if you want to, and the app’s UI is also quite compelling, though ads are a part of the experience, though the app is free to use.

Christmas Deco (Google Play Store)