Call Of Duty: Legends Of War Gets Surprise Android Beta


Activision's storied Call of Duty series is getting a new mobile entry, dubbed Legends of War, and now appears to be in open beta, as well as a soft launch for some users in Australia. You won't be able to find it in the Play Store, of course, unless you happen to be part of the soft launch. Otherwise, you'll have to find a way to get a hold of not only the APK file to install the game, but also the data it would usually download, then stick said data into a folder that the game generates when launched. It is worth noting that many users are reporting that the beta is no longer allowing in new registrations, and you have to register to play. More spots may open up, so it's worth checking into if you're a fan of the series. If you would like to take the plunge, credible APK files of the game are already floating around the Internet, though obviously be careful about what you're installing on your device and note that some server-side checks are still part of the package, so you probably won't be able to begin playing the new Call of Duty mobile title until Activision wants to expand its ongoing beta to your territory.

Background: This is not the series' first time on mobile, by any means, but it will be the first Call of Duty game on mobile platforms to bring the core game experience the series is known for onto mobile devices. Previous entries on mobile devices have included such watered-down items as  a top-down, strategically-focused game, and a version of the Zombies mode included with the first Black Ops game. This one ships with Free4All, Search & Destroy, TDM, and Frontline modes for now, and may get more modes or other functionality once it's fully released. All the familiar controls and maneuvers are here, such as aiming down sights, just tweaked to work intuitively on mobile devices. Those who wish to use a controller, of course, can do so. Advanced maneuvers can also be disabled in favor of automated help, for players who prefer such an approach. There are a few familiar maps from the main series, including Nuketown, Standoff, and Crash, among others, and the fairly pretty game reportedly runs well even on older hardware; there are reports of a Snapdragon 820 device being able to run the game smoothly on the highest settings. The port was handled by the same company that did PUBG Mobile, so those who have played that one should have an idea of what to expect.

Impact: While this isn't the first mobile Call of Duty game, it is the first game to bring the core experience that's made the series so popular over to mobile, and those that are able to get in have reported that the fast-paced gameplay from this entry's console cousins is firmly in place. Existing fans of the series will undoubtedly find a lot to love, and if this one turns out to be free to play in the end, those who haven't tried a Call of Duty game since the series began reforming in the Black Ops era may be pleasantly surprised. For now, there seems to be no real monetization, and the only currency in the mobile game can be won in matches. That will almost certainly change before full release hits globally, so it's worth noting that pay to win elements could surface. That aside, Call of Duty is always a great time for shooter fans, so this one's bound to get its fair share of attention.


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