You Can Now Get The BlackBerry KEY2 LE In Atomic, Champagne Colors

BlackBerry Key2 LE Champagne Atomic

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is now available in the US in new Atomic and Champagne colors. Those preferring the Atomic model with its eye-catching red can pick one up exclusively from Best Buy, while Champagne and its luxurious gold flavor can be picked up either from Best Buy or Amazon. In terms of pricing, both new colors are being sold through Best Buy at $499.99, although Amazon is currently offering the Champagne version for just $449.99 (Amazon). In either case, you are paying more for the new colors as the original model in Slate launched in the US at $399.99. The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is sold as unlocked device and will work on any GSM network including AT&T and T-Mobile.

Originally shown off at IFA earlier in the year, the KEY2 LE is meant to be an affordable version of the BlackBerry KEY2. There are a few differences to take note of, including a lighter polycarbonate frame and a soft textured back. Although the biggest changes come in terms of internal hardware with the KEY2 LE coming equipped with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a Snapdragon 636 SoC, and a 3,000 mAh capacity battery. Another major change is in the camera department as while both the standard KEY2 and LE models come with a dual camera setup, the LE features 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel sensors. These changes allowed the device to remain inexpensive and easily accessible without compromising too much on the design of the original KEY2. Otherwise, buyers can expect the rest of the specs, as well as the experience in general to remain unchanged, including the same display and the physical keyboard. 

The inclusion of a physical keyboard is a unique feature that you will not see on any other smartphone today and one that is fairly symbolic of the BlackBerry Mobile brand in general. Although as these newer BlackBerry Mobile-branded phones coming running on Android, they now offer the use of a physical keyboard along with access to the wealth of apps and games available from the Google Play Store. This availability coupled with the additional security and quick updates associated with BlackBerry Mobile, makes the brand’s smartphones a fairly unique proposition with the LE model the most affordable entry point.