ASUS' Sleek-Looking Gaming Phone Proves That It's Quite Durable

The ASUS ROG Phone is the company’s new gaming smartphone, and some of you are probably wondering how durable the thing is, as you’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time using it, at least that’s what I’d personally want to know. In any case, luckily for those of you who are interested. JerryRigEverything YouTube channel has just released a new video in which the ASUS ROG Phone is submitted to a durability test. As per usual, when it comes to this YouTube channel, the phone’s display is getting tested against scratches and fire, we’ll see how the phone’s body handles scratches, and of course, there’s the bend test, amongst other. Having said that, the video itself is embedded down below, if you’d like to skip straight to it, and it has a duration of seven minutes.

After unpacking the device, Jerry kicked off the durability test. Before we get to it, though, it’s worth noting that the ASUS ROG Phone looks like nothing else on the market, it’s easily recognizable amongst other phones, and truth be said, it looks quite sleek, at least in our opinion. Now, as far as the display’s scratch resistance goes, it’s about the same as on other flagship devices, scratches are visible on the display when a level six pick is used, and the device’s display comes with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 protection on top. The phone’s top and bottom grills (as it has dual stereo speakers) are covered by metal, though a layer of bronze plastic is applied on top of that metal, for cosmetic purposes. Chances are that the plastic layer will stay in place, though, as it seems like it is applied really well on top of the metal, and it needs quite a bit of force in order to be removed.

The phone’s sides are made out of metal, while glass is included on its back. Its physical buttons are made out of metal, while a headphone jack is included on the bottom of it. A fingerprint scanner is included on the back, and you cannot scratch it with a razor blade. Same can be said for its cameras on the back, as they’re covered by glass. The phone’s logo on the back is covered by the glass panel, and a razor blade won’t do any damage to that part of the phone either, so far so good. Fun fact, the phone’s logo on the back actually doubles as an LED notification light, which is not something we see often on phones, kudos to ASUS for differentiating a bit.

After being exposed to a lighter flame, pixels on the phone’s display turned off after 33 seconds, and never recovered. That’s not exactly your usual scenario, and doesn’t mean all that much, but it’s an interesting fact, as it took these pixels much longer to be affected by the lighter flame. And last, but not least, the bend test. The ASUS ROG Phone did flex a bit when pressure is applied from both back and front, but the phone did not break, and it returned to the original state as soon as Jerry stopped applying pressure on the device, while it also continued working normally, without issues. All in all, the ASUS ROG Phone passed the durability test with flying colors, basically.

Razer Phone 2 vs ASUS ROG Phone

Both the Razer Phone 2 and ASUS ROG Phone passed the durability test without a problem, and chances are that you won’t have any build quality issues no matter which phone you opt to purchase. The Razer Phone 2 comes with an LCD display and a display refresh rate of 120Hz, while the ASUS ROG Phone offers an OLED panel and a display refresh rate of 90Hz. Truth be said, both of these phones are quite powerful, though ASUS packed in more features into its smartphone, one of which even allows you to set button on the top of the phone when you hold it in a landscape mode. There are a ton of software features pre-installed in the device, while ASUS already launched some accessories for the device, but more are coming. Both of these phones are quite compelling, but we’re leaning to the ASUS ROG Phone, mainly due to the OLED display, and all the extra gaming-oriented features that you can get with the device. If you’d like to know more about the ASUS ROG Phone, click here.

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