Three Studios Join Forces On New Warhammer Android Game


Tilting Point, Games Workshop, and Hunted Cow, three different studios with experience in mobile gaming, are coming together to create a new Warhammer strategy game called Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest. The Android game takes place in the pre-40,000 Warhammer universe, a place ruled by the sword and driven by the powers of dark and light. Here, players will find themselves cast as an evil Chaos Lord, subjugating and conquering civilizations with a vast army of daemons and powerful dark warriors called Chaos Champions. In order to amass that army, you'll have to take over lands to construct dark temples and perform summoning rites. The mobile strategy title is currently in a limited beta run in the Philippines, and will see a global launch in 2019 if that beta goes well.

Background: For all the love that Warhammer 40,000 gets and the number of great video games that have been produced under that banner, the older Warhammer world lends itself better to deep strategy games that challenge players to think in terms of the big picture, and that's exactly what Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest is. Players must manage resources and fight their wars well in order to continue expanding their empires. Good men and mighty heroes will rise against you in your quest to trample countless lives underfoot and expand your evil power, and you'll have to manage your demonic troops effectively while also taking good care of your Chaos Champions in order to crush them all and assert your dark will over the realm. The end goal is to spread your reign unquestionably throughout all the world and wipe out anybody who would dare to oppose you. The game can be played alone in a single fictional realm within the Warhammer universe, or you can tie realms together with friends to work in teams and conquer multiple worlds. In the end, however, evil is evil, and evil has no true friends; there can only be one top dog, and players will have to outsmart and outgun friends and foes alike to be crowned the Ultimate Chaos Lord.

Impact: The prospect of three different studios of three different types all working together is exciting, to say the least, especially when you throw a beloved license like Warhammer in the mix. The Games Workshop has previous experience with the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 worlds, producing both tabletop and video games in the series. Hunted Cow, meanwhile, is a small but talented force responsible for old-school MMORPG Fallen Sword, among other games. Tilting Point is a bit of an X-factor in the equation; the studio is not a proper game development outfit in the traditional sense, but instead helps other developers with their ideas and execution. Tilting Point is staffed by industry veterans and has helped crank out Android gaming scene hits such as Operation: New Earth, as well as the Editors' Choice awarded TerraGenesis – Space Settlers. All three studios have work under their belts that leaves them uniquely qualified to team up and throw down a new Warhammer game.

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