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Vodool was founded back in 2016 and has since been prolifically developing electronics across broad categories, ranging from surge-protected Amazon Alexa wall mounts and smart plugs to smart vacuums and Wi-Fi enabled endoscopes for vehicle maintenance or DIY home purposes. Among its latest releases is a new wireless charging stand, sold as the Vodool Wireless Charger (model number S110), that provides dual-coil air-cooled charging at under $20. That may not be as exciting as a smart fitness scale or Wi-Fi camera snake but this Qi-enabled charger is nonetheless worth a look. With two coils for case-friendly multi-position power delivery and fans to keep everything at a manageable temperature in a modern design, Vodool's latest Wireless Charger Stand keeps things well within a reasonable budget without being "cheap." Better still, it accomplishes that while still offering 10W of fast charging for compatible devices.

On the specifications front, Vodool's updated dual-coil wireless fast charging stand is a bit larger than some of the more pricey devices on the market but still has a very reasonable footprint measuring 121.4 x 66.5 x 85.9mm. Weight isn't specified by the company but is noted by Amazon as coming in at around 255 grams, which makes the device comparatively hefty. Input is set at DC 5V/2A or DC 9V/1.8A but users will need to provide their own USB wall adapter. The output is variable depending on the device used, with Qi-enabled fast charging dependant on the adapter used as well. However, the frequency is set at between 110KHz and 205KHz, with a 72-percent charging efficiency and wireless charging at between 4mm and 10mm. Charging is possible through cases that are substantially thicker than with other chargers in this category, including some that are much more expensive, at up to 5mm.


This Vodool Wireless Charger ships in a very light box and doesn't include a whole lot to complicate matters. The first thing consumers will see on opening the package the charging stand itself, cleanly wrapped and placed next to a 3.3-ft standard USB A to USB Type-C cable. Under that, there's a user manual that outlines how the product should and should not be used. For example, metal protective cases cannot be used with a wireless charger and the device can't get wet, both for obvious reasons. The manual also explains the meaning of various LED colorations and statuses, as well as how and what the model S110 charger should be plugged into, including a wall adapter or a desktop or laptop USB Type A 2.0 interface. There's no wall adapter included in the package, as mentioned above. However, 5V/2A or 9V/2A adapters do often ship with a modern smartphone and a well-made adapter can also be found very easily for just a few dollars on Amazon or elsewhere if need be.

With regard to hardware, the Vodool Wireless Charger (S110) features a unique overall design that centers around a 60-degree angled boat-shaped charging pad that's mounted to an angled base. The base sits atop four round rubber feet to prevent movement, aided by its weight, and the whole thing is made of plastic. On the back of the pad, there is a large vent fan, while the front features cooling slots down both the left and right-hand side. With regard to the materials used, the entire design is comprised of plastics, with the notable exception of the rubber 'footpad' where the bottom or side edge of a smartphone will rest during charging. With consideration for the fact that many modern devices are made of metal or glass, the lack of a soft-touch material on the pad itself shouldn't be too much of a concern. There isn't much chance it will scratch any given device, although it is a noticeable omission on Vodool's part since it makes the stand just slightly less stable than some competitors.


Bearing that in mind, the collective build-quality here feels much higher than might be expected for just under $20. It also does well to avoid collecting dust and particulates due to its smooth surfaces. The included cable is a standard quality design but does fit very snugly in place and the stand is self-explanatory with regard to setup. So there isn't much chance it will wiggle out by accident and getting started should take the overwhelming majority of users just a few moments. The LED's are easy to read too and are uniquely positioned to be as unobtrusive as possible. Namely, those point forward at a downward angle underneath the angled-up portion of the charging stand's base. That means the LED is read more by reflection of light than looking directly at the LED. For standby mode, those show up blue – and turn off after 5 seconds on standby – and a solid green means that charging has commenced. Flashing lights mean that something is off or the position of the phone isn't quite correct. The dual internal coils allow users to power up in either landscape or portrait mode, meanwhile, so that buyers can keep watching a movie or use their device as an alarm clock while it's on the charger.

For the purpose of our test of this wireless fast charger, we used an LG G7 ThinQ since that handset supports fast charging via Qi standards. Despite the fact that the Amazon listing for the Vodool Wireless Charger indicates that support for wireless fast charging is primarily designed with a focus on Samsung devices, the featured worked just fine on our LG device. In fact, wireless fast charging enabled well before our device was actually rested on the lower mount portion of the stand regardless of the fact that we had a relatively thick case installed. Through that, a 50-percent charge was gained in just under an hour and a half. That's fairly standard for the technology and means that this charger should work well with any device that supports it. Slower charging should also work at a lower rate for those that feature wireless charging but not 10W fast charging.

What's more, the built-in cooling system Vodool includes in its S110 Wireless Charging Stand works exceptionally well. The fans are designed to vent off heat from the edges and behind the device, whisking air from the front of the stand through the back and away from the handset and charger. Our test area for this gadget was a relatively uncluttered and well-ventilated area atop a desk. The charger was also set well away from walls and other obstructions as well. So that may not be the case for every circumstance. With that said, although there was a slight increase to the overall temperature of our test device, the level of temperature increase was negligible to the point of irrelevance.


Although Vodool's latest Fast Charge-capable Vodool Wireless Charger (S110) certainly isn't going to win any beauty contests since it isn't made of the most premium soft-touch polycarbonates available, it is worth consideration. Not only does it function as intended and do an excellent job of reducing heat buildup. The pricing is such that this would make a perfect addition to a home office or anywhere else it might be convenient to have a second wireless charger for topping off throughout the day. Last but not least, it's also well-suited for those who are looking to replace a more high-end charger without the premium cost.

Vodool 2-Coil Wireless Charger - $19.99 - Amazon

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