Verizon Fios Offering 1-Year Of Amazon Prime & Echo (2nd Gen) Free For New Signups

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Verizon Fios has decided to kickstart its Black Friday sales a bit earlier this year, starting on November 1. Which means you can get a pretty great deal on Verizon Fios, making it a great time to make the switch over to Verizon Fios. The internet service provider is offering up one year of Amazon Prime along with a second-generation Amazon Echo for free, when you sign up for its service. This promotion is also available for all three of its triple-play plans, so no matter which plan you sign up for, you will get a free year of Amazon Prime and a free Echo. For those that are wanting just internet from Verizon, you will get a free Amazon Echo with the $59.99 300Mbps down and 300Mbps up plan. Or you can get a free year of Prime and three years of free router rental on the $79.99 plan that offers 940Mbps down and 880Mbps up.

When it comes to Verizon Fios, it is not available everywhere, largely just on the east coast and a few other cities sporadically in the US. So you are definitely going to want to check out its coverage map to make sure that you can get Verizon Fios where you live. Otherwise, this is fiber internet, which is why Verizon offers much faster upload speeds (compared to the download speeds), when compared to other ISPs across the US like Comcast and AT&T. Verizon Fios only offers three different speed plans. There is the 100/100, 300/300 and 940/880, which offers something for everyone. The 100/100 plan is great for those that just do some casual web browsing. While the 300/300 is better for those that do a lot on the internet and of course the 940/880 plan is better for those that do a lot of content creation and upload to YouTube a lot or just have a lot of devices connected on their network. These prices are very competitive with Comcast, AT&T, Charter and others as well. Which is pretty impressive to say the least.

The best deal that Verizon is currently offering, includes its 940/880 internet plan, along with custom TV and phone service for $79.99. Essentially, you are getting TV and phone for free here, which is great. But on top of that, Verizon is offering up a free year of Amazon Prime along with a free Amazon Echo (2nd generation). That right there is over a $200 value, and definitely worth taking advantage of. The Amazon Prime offer isn’t just for new Prime members either. Verizon Fios will cover another year of your subscription even if you already are a Prime member. Which is also pretty impressive for this deal. Verizon waiving the setup fee as well, which is priced at around $99. So if you are looking to switch to Verizon Fios, now is definitely the time to do so.

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