V-MODA's New Sports In-Ear Headphones Are All About The Bass & Fit


V-MODA has now unveiled and launched a new set of fitness-focused in-ear headphones, the V-MODA BassFit. In fact, these are not only a new fitness-focused in-ear headphone solution from the high-end audio company but actually its first product designed specifically for this target market. As well as introducing the new BassFit headphones, V-MODA also confirmed its new product aimed at active users is now available to buy in the US directly from the company's website, as well as select retailers, including Amazon. In terms of the price, the V-MODA BassFit have arrived with a $130 price tag attached, and can be purchased in either a primarily black or white color.

With a name like BassFit it should probably come as no surprise that these headphones are being positioned and targeted to overcome two pain points often associated with in-ear headphones. The first is the fit with these headphones designed to offer an option to those in need of a tighter fit during more vigorously activities. The second is an option which provides an extra bass punch compared to the current crop of in-ear headphones. Proving most beneficial to those seeking both a tighter fit and greater bass in the one product. On the sound quality point, V-MODA has not provided too many spec specifics to digest other than stating the headphones utilize 10mm dynamic drivers that have been specially tuned to ensure the bass response is good enough to not only complete a workout but actually drive gym-goers to work out harder. What's more the company claims this bass emphasis is not coming at a cost to the rest of the frequency response range resulting in a well-balanced sound overall thanks to the "vivid mids" and the "vivacious stress-free" tops. This is in addition to the headphones supporting both Qualcomm aptX and AAC wireless codecs which should help to maintain a heightened audio quality when transmitting over Bluetooth.

Further adding to the sound quality, and also the basis of the other main selling point, the fit, V-MODA states its BassFit headphones employ a patent pending "TriFit" technology which lets wearers better choose the exact fit most suitable for their individual ear size and shape. Such as ear hooks which securely fit over the ear, ear fins that adapt to the shape of the ear, as well as the option to utilize both stabilizing methods at the same time for added security and an improved fit in general. The three different fitting configurations can be seen in the images below.


Background: In spite of this essentially being a debut product from the company, V-MODA is no stranger to audio products in general and typically manufacturers a number of high-end solutions, including headphones. In fact, the company is one that often focuses on offering a 'wide soundstage' where the listener is able to enjoy an experience that better accounts for the feeling of space – in other words, V-MODA likes to provide a sound quality that allows listeners to feel like they are standing in front of a stage when an artist or band is playing instead of simply funneling sounds into the ear. A feature that is often touted with the company's Crossfade line of products, and one that also seems to have now migrated over to the new BassFit headphones with V-MODA directly referencing the provided "vast 3D soundstage" sound quality that's on offer with its latest product.

The BassFit headphones are also designed to last for lengthy periods of time when away from the charge, as the battery included is rated to offer in excess of eleven hours in a single setting. A fairly notable duration when compared to products that boast a similar design and purpose as these. When time is less accommodating, an additional on-demand charge of up to 2.5 hours is said to be available in return from a quick 15-minute charge. Another touted feature by the company is the employment of a magnetic element to the design which lets the wearer snap the two sides together. The aim being to make it easier for consumers to continue to wear the headphones around the neck when they are not in use for playback. This is also in addition to a more rugged and lightweight build quality in general with the company stating the BassFit headphones are both sweat and weather-resistant, and come equipped with a tangle-free cable.

Impact: Arguably, the V-MODA BassFit have arrived to market a little late considering there is already an abundance of options now available that specifically tailor to sports and fitness-minded users. So many that there's plenty of options also available at the varying price points accounting for just about every budget imaginable. To add to this, these have also arrived at a time when a number of consumers are seeing the additional value on offer with true wireless headphones. Although the true wireless segment is not necessarily the most ideal option for sports users due to their more limited battery life, less ergonomic fit, and proneness to signal reliability issues, companies who already focus on the fitness market segment have begun to output true wireless options that are more curated for runners and gym-goers and do account for those shortcomings. Again, at prices that have become highly competitive of late, and that in reality are directly comparable to this semi-wireless option from V-MODA.


This is not to say that the V-MODA BassFit will not, or cannot find a place for itself in the sports market, as any product that does arrive boasting decent enough features at a competitive enough price will be taken seriously. Furthermore, V-MODA is a company that has already established its reputation and carved out a user base for itself which immediately offers a viable market for this product. As is always the case with audio products in general, the proof will largely be in the pudding with the success of these headphones likely to be dependent on whether or not they prove to be as described. If they do, then it stands to reason they will be worth the asking price.

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