Top 10 Android Games – Politics – November 2018

Top 10 Political Games November 2018 AH

Many AndroidHeadlines readers live in the United States and will be heading to the polls today, or have already done so in states where early voting is a possibility. While these ten Android games plucked from the Google Play Store won’t help you make informed voting decisions, they might give you a better idea of what it’s like to run a country and how things are on the world stage. Or they may simply entertain you with their own bizarre vision of what politics are really all about. They’ll also provide a nice distraction from the stressful process of selecting, making, and in some cases – living with your vote.

270 | Two Seventy US Election


This game is squarely focused on campaigning and elections, with specific attention to the most recent United States presidential election. Work demographics and geographical groups alongside special interests with the goal of racking up 270 electoral college votes and winning the presidency by a landslide in this amusing and surprisingly detailed take on stateside politics.

Dictator 2


This is one of those games where the name should pretty much say it all. Cast as the dictator of a regime that’s just starting out, you’ll ferret out conspiracies, participate in card battles, figure out friend and foe, and even conquer other countries in your quest to remain in power for as long as possible and spread your influence far and wide. The game is difficult, heavily encouraging the use of in-app purchases, but since it has no real ending, feel free to use trial and error to work at extending your reign.

Master of Politics


This retro-styled game casts you as the President in a time of crisis. Make critical decisions and win mini-games to keep your country afloat through some of the worst years it’s yet seen, all while drinking in the stylish pixel graphics. Master of Politics represents a different take on political mobile games and is a relatively unique experience that will try to

Realpolitiks Mobile DEMO

Immerse yourself into a PC-style strategy gaming experience centered around taking the helm of a country and leading it to glory on the world stage. Pick a country, develop it, and run it under one of three different political systems the game has to offer. This is the free demo version, which is a bit limited in scope. The full game will set you back a somewhat modest $5.99.


RandomNation – Politics Game

RandomNation has a simple interface, but that’s where its simplicity ends. You’ll start out by choosing between a democracy or a dictatorship, then you’ll have to balance budgets, avoid conspiracies and scandals, analyze data and make critical decisions in order to stay in power and keep your country running smoothly.


Campaign Manager – An Election Simulator

This is another politics game focused more on getting into office than on running things. This one allows you to pick one of the two finalist candidates from all of the United States presidential elections that took place between 1992 and a future vote in 2020. Choose what tactics to use in every particular state, balance your campaign budget, choose your platforms, and rack up those votes in order to get to the highest office in the country!


Pocket Politics: Idle Money

This uproarious and very transparent idle clicker from Kongregate allows you to run campaigns and build up cash to bring yourself up from nobody to world leader. Start out with the school board, city council, or any other low-level public office, and work from there to garner enough support, endorsements, and backers to become the next president.


President Simulator Lite

Pick a country and strap in for a harsh ride in President Simulator Lite. This insightful and somewhat realistic simulator will give you a taste of funding management, public opinion balancing, and squashing corruption in a way that only a president would have or be able to.

Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics

This is the first entry so far on this list that allows you to play with other real people. Players can create their own regions overlaid on a real world map, and other players can fight to try to take over those regions, or interact with them in a friendly manner to foster partnership. Once you’ve got yourself at the head of a country, you’ll have to manage its finances, productions, and relations in order to succeed.

The Conquest: Colonization

This Android game shifts focus from late-stage modern politics to how things were run in the old days, opting to put an emphasis on colonization. You’ll have to drive out some natives, take part in sea battles, secure and cultivate your land, and ultimately build a thriving society in order to survive as part of a campaign partially reminiscent of the actual history of the United States.