Two Tile Pro Trackers & Newest Echo Dot For Just $59.99 (Today Only) – Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals

Echo Dot Tile Pro AH Deal 01 1

You can now pick up two Tile Pro trackers and an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for just $59.99 from Amazon. Each Tile Pro normally retails for around $35 with consumers given the option to save a little when buying the two-pack for $60. In fact, Amazon is still selling the two-pack at $59.99 which basically means you can either buy two Tile Pros for $59.99 or you can buy two Tile Pros and get the newest Echo Dot for free. Besides the savings on buying two Tile Pros, this also equates to a $49.99 saving for the Echo Dot. Although the Dot happens to be on sale itself right now for just $24 (Amazon). It’s worth pointing out this bundle deal is only good for today so time is of the essence with this one.

The Echo Dot is one of Amazon’s smart speaker solutions that comes with Alexa built-in and therefore is able to assist with providing feedback on questions asked, comply with commands for compatible smart products. Which is where the Tile Pro comes in. This is a tracker which can be placed on any item (like your keys, for example) and when lost the corresponding Tile app will help the owner find the item again. Although, those who pick up this bundle will be able to enable the Tile skill in the Alexa app and then have the lost item located by simply asking Alexa to find it. So this is one of those bundles which is purposely offered today as a package because the products play nice with each other.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) & 2-Pack Tile Pro - Amazon - $59.99