The Future of Blockchain Gaming Apps

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Blockchain, which was once synonymous with Bitcoin – the most popular digital currency – has grown far beyond the cryptocurrency with new use cases being discovered on a regular basis. Several kinds of organizations including banks and governments have come to the realization that technology has so much potential and they are looking for ways to implement its applications in their everyday services. The gaming industry has not been left behind – in fact, it is one of the sectors that are at the helm of the blockchain revolution that is well on its way to taking the world by storm.

Over the last couple of years where we have seen an increase in the popularity and use of digital currencies, we have seen the gaming industry go through many changes, all of which are expected to play a key role in the future of both gaming and the technology. Mobile gaming, one of the biggest trends of the online gaming industry, has proven to be such a big deal which has made it a major focus for most, if not all, operators.

Due to this, mobile gaming apps have become a niche for not just premium games but also for the latest and greatest innovations in both the gaming and technology scenes. A few years ago, the concept of a blockchain gaming app would have been so bizarre to hear about that no one would have taken it as seriously as most crypto and gaming enthusiasts do now. Fast forward to 2018 and it is no longer just a buzzword. Could this be it? Are we finally there?


The Benefits 

Before we break down what we think of the future of blockchain gaming apps as well as current solutions, we have to point out why it is such a big deal – or rather the benefits that such applications or use cases would offer players.

It is quite simple. At its core, blockchain technology provides useful tools for gamers that include fast and secure payment networks, verifiable scarcity of virtual objects as well as proper ways for developers to monetize their gaming apps. The search for the best solutions to provide sustainable and fun blockchain-powered gaming apps has resulted in some very exciting innovations in blockchain scalability and asset creations.

There are already a good number of online gaming sites, such as the ones listed on, offer blockchain powered games and apps – a subtle leap towards the blockchain future that we are all hoping for. As more and more gaming operators begin to implement various applications of the new technology, we will soon more commonly be able to reap the benefits that it offers, such as faster and safer payments, verifiability of the authenticity of the games and an increased use of digital currencies.

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Where Are We At?

As it stands, blockchain gaming apps, haven’t quite reached the target. Yes, there are a decent number of passably impressive blockchain gaming apps that players can download on their devices but they still do not have all it takes to keep the customers glued to them. This is mostly because the blockchain component is somewhat an incidental feature that is a mere add-on rather than a fundamental component.

That said, if you are simply searching for a game to pass the time, these gaming apps will certainly give you every bit of what you may be looking for. Lots of gaming apps using blockchain can be found – while some people are trying to replicate the success of their predecessors, others are hard at work integrating the technology into already working games. On the other hand, if you desire to experience blockchain technology at its full potential, these games are definitely not going to give you what you have been looking for – you will have to be a little patient for this since the sphere of blockchain gaming apps is much smaller but experts have predicted a bigger future for it.

Where We Are Headed To – Hopefully

It is safe to say that proponents of the blockchain technology are still searching for the perfect app or use-case that can finally send it on its way to being a usable and functional tool that is able to live up to its latent potential. Gaming apps form a huge chunk of its use cases and thus it is possible that the gaming industry may turn into a catalyst of sorts when it comes to mainstream adoption of digital currencies and the blockchain technology.


One of the ideas that have been floated around in as far as the integration of blockchain technology into gaming apps is concerned has been the possibility of using some of the blockchain-based digital currencies as a means of rewarding in-game achievements and purchasing upgrades or game options. What this means is that we will eventually get to a point where the line between the gaming business and “real commerce” is finally blurred out.

Commerce and financial transactions aside, blockchain technology can be used in such applications as storing gameplay data. Gaming apps will benefit immensely from this, a truth that very many gaming operators have already acknowledged and are now trying very hard to implement in their gaming apps. Keeping these factors in mind, it is quite clear that gaming apps are probably the best adoption point for blockchain. And that, in a nutshell, is the future.


Online gaming, more specifically the mobile front, bears a lot of similarities to blockchain technology especially with regards to the fact that they are both new are just starting to explode. Moreover, both sectors are run by a predominantly young generation of people who are technologically inclined – this means that there is more hope since as much as the mainstream world is yet to grasp the concept of blockchain and the gaming technology, the people propelling its growth and adoption are suited for the job.