Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks In Unique Polaris Blue Color


Prominent leaker Ice Universe hit Twitter with a deeper-hued take on the gradient-colored Samsung Galaxy S9, claiming it is called Polaris Blue. This new color variant of the Galaxy S9 was spotted in Samsung's homeland of South Korea, and thus far, there's no indication that it will be going anywhere else. It would arguably be redundant in China, where the Ice Blue variant already exists and is a few shades lighter without any other notable differences, and there is no word on any gradient Galaxy variants coming to the United States or anywhere else in the West for now. While an astute eye may notice that the photos show a display label for a Galaxy A7 unit, the phone being shown off is clearly a Galaxy S9; the fingerprint reader and camera arrangement is a dead giveaway.

Background: Gradient coloration on Samsung Galaxy devices is a relatively new phenomenon, and it's even newer in the flagship space; the aforementioned Ice Blue version of the Galaxy S9 is the first in the Galaxy S flagship smartphone series to get the treatment. Gradient color options have traditionally stayed within Samsung's mid-range stable. This particular specimen starts out with a strong, deep blue up at the top of the device's back plate, and gradually fades out to a brilliant, snowy white down at the bottom. There are varying degrees of white and blue on the device that shine and show depending on how you're looking at it and how it catches ambient light, as can be seen in the attached photos. The reflective qualities of the paint job become stronger as you go further down toward the bottom, as well, resulting in a phone that turns everything around it into a work of art by reflecting it all in a range of shining blues and whites. Presumably, the larger Galaxy S9 Plus will also be in on the fun in South Korea, just as the Ice Blue color option hit both versions of the phone in China.

Impact: If these colors prove popular, they'll be headed out to a wider audience, and Samsung may well be convinced to make more gradient options. The Galaxy S lineup has oozed luxury since the grand redesign that took place in the Galaxy S6 era, so adding in color options meant more for eye candy and luxury than for customization makes perfect sense. This is especially true in the post-Galaxy S8 era, where Samsung devices are known for luscious curves, barely-there bezels, and well-built metal frames keeping smooth pieces of glass together. Gradient color options for Galaxy flagships is still a concept that is in its infancy, to be sure, but if things play out well in Asia, international markets where Samsung devices hold sway, such as the United States, could get these color options. Still, it is possible that Samsung will ignore good sales numbers with these phones, if they happen, and continue to provide the same set of color options everywhere else. It wouldn't be the first time that the company has created unique takes on its device lineup and limited them to an insular market.


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