Samsung Galaxy M20 & M30 Android Smartphones Coming Soon: Rumor

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New details now seem to have surfaced regarding two upcoming budget-friendly Samsung devices designated with the model numbers SM-M205F and SM-M305F and expected to be part of recently reported rebranding efforts from the South Korean company. Specifically, the former device is predicted to be marketed as the Samsung Galaxy M20 and will feature 32GB and 64GB storage options, according to unnamed sources. Meanwhile, the SM-M305F is expected to launch as the Samsung Galaxy M30, and to arrive with either 64GB or 128GB capacity versions available. Each will also allegedly ship in a dual-SIM configuration, with a single SIM version of either not falling outside the realm of possibility. No details have been put forward with regard to pricing, availability, or other specifications as of this writing.

Background: That Samsung plans to rebrand its devices in order to consolidate its smartphones under just a few model designations is not new information. In fact, the company is presently expected to eliminate its Galaxy ‘J’, ‘C’, and Galaxy ‘ON’ naming convention entirely, in favor of an easier-to-follow scheme where budget handsets and mid-range devices will be designated as ‘M’-series devices. The smartphones sold under the brand will also reportedly utilize LCD display panels instead of Samsung’s own OLED or AMOLED technology, in a bid to cut costs to consumers. The only exception to that is thought to be a device that will be marketed as the Samsung Galaxy M50, which will presumably represent a true mid-range handset. However, while there will most likely be several ‘M’-branded phones made available to suit a diverse range of users’ needs, only a Samsung Galaxy M30 and Galaxy M40 had been expected prior to the latest reports.

Just above that, in terms of pricing and features, the company also plans to continue its Galaxy A family of Android smartphones that predominantly use OLED display panels and start out at just over $250. Tentatively dubbed the Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50, A60, A70, and A80, that family of devices is predicted to be a step up and will be the new premiere lineup for novel features. For example, new hardware implementations from the company, such as the quad-camera setup found on the Galaxy A9, are predicted to begin appearing first on Galaxy A models. Presumably, that’s because that family of devices tends to launch toward the end of the year, giving the company a chance to show off big changes well ahead of the launch of new flagship smartphones. Moreover, it will bring those to a wider audience since smartphones in the budget and mid-range tiers typically sell far better than top-of-the-line handsets.


Impact: Samsung is primarily thought to be condensing its assortment of brands into a Galaxy M and Galaxy A lineup, at least in part, to stave off increasing competition from Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers. To begin with, the new naming convention will likely help reduce confusion about the hierarchy of the models themselves. Presumably, rather than reading multiple detailed specification sheets to differentiate the devices, consumers will be able to look at the name of two devices and immediately know which is a more powerful smartphone. At the same time, it may also lead to the elimination of carrier-specific models that have different features under the hood and different branding – which causes further confusion – while simultaneously reducing the complexity of providing software and firmware updates.